Trenchless sewer pipe replacement (pipe bursting) is a great option for many property owners. It is one of the least intrusive ways to replace sewer and drain and it can save thousands of dollars in costly concrete and landscaping repairs. Utilizing HDPE pipe (high density polyethylene) which is secured to a steel bursting head and pulled through the old pipe with a hydraulic pulling machine which utilizes a high tensile strength cable. This method of pipe replacement is very practical for many sewer and drain replacement applications. It is essential to have your sewer or drain pipe located and cleared if possible as this helps in the process of determining the new points of connection. Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter has the sewer equipment and camera and locating devices needed to pinpoint the new point of connections for you and get the job done. Of course before you burst you should always hydro jet and sewer camera the pipe, you might not need to do any sewer or drain replacement once this is done!