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Why You Should Only Let a Professional Snake Your Drain in Your Northridge Home

We know it’s tempting to do things yourself around the home, especially with modern technology and loads of information at your fingertips with the touch of a button. Do It Yourself projects can be fun and gratifying, but some things are best left to the professionals, like snaking a drain.

Roberts Plumbing highly discourages our Northridge clients from attempting to snake the drains in their homes. Here’s the thing: most people are unfamiliar with the skills and strategies used by professional plumbers when unclogging drains. Roberts’ plumbers have been trained and licensed to use the utmost care and appropriate methods and maneuvers to preserve the integrity of your pipeline. Sometimes, snaking the drain won’t cut it. In fact, most clogs are the result of sticky build-up and grease that a snake would miss. A professional inspection is the only way to know for sure that you’re handling the situation with the correct solution.

You may be wondering why snaking a drain could ever be so complicated. Even if snaking is an appropriate repair method for the clog in question, the average person is untrained in drain cleaning. There are different types of snakes used to unclog drains and using the incorrect model could leave lasting damages, such as scratches to your porcelain toilet bowl. What’s more, the wrong snake could result in detrimental damage to the inside of your pipes. Choosing the correct snake for the job doesn’t protect you from damages as a layman, either. As a non-professional, you could underestimate the force and position of the snake and scrape– or even break– the pipe. Older pipes are especially sensitive and the pressure from a snake used incorrectly could lead to a rupture and an even larger headache than you started with.

When it comes to drain cleaning solutions, do the smart thing and call a professional to unclog your drain, so you don’t end up needing additional repairs.

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