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Commercial Pipe Cleaning Northridge, CA


Commercial establishments use their sewer lines, drain lines and grease traps more often than anyone else. That makes their plumbing system more prone to breaking down. The most common plumbing problems that businesses deal with are blockages which lead to backflowing. That is why businesses located around the Northridge area constantly need a commercial pipe cleaning service, and the most effective method is hydro-jetting.

How Pipes Get Clogged

Liquids that are used in food industries usually contain grease. As grease gets into the pipes, they form a layer of thick, slimy residue which hardens and clogs the pipe. This is the main cause of commercial pipe blockages. Restaurants have interceptors and grease traps to combat this, but there are other ways your commercial pipes can clog. For example, organic matter like bones and trash often get stuck in the pipe pretty easily. Restaurants need to keep functioning, and the only way to prevent pipe clogging is by scheduling a regular pipe and grease trap cleaning.

Commercial Hydro Jet Cleaning Services

Drain stoppages and sewer blockages are serious issues that must be dealt with at the soonest possible time. Robert’s Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter is available for 247 emergency cleaning services. Our technicians use the latest hydro-jetting technology to clear out the debris and calcified matter from your pipes. This process will bring back your sewer pipes to working order. Hydro-jetting removes any kind of sewer or drain line clog and blockage. Our services are quick, affordable and efficient, so you can be back to business as usual.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro-jetting has become the most popular method of pipe cleaning for good reason. Not only is it more effective than the usual snaking method, it is faster and costs the same. Here are some great reasons why hydro-jetting is the right choice:

Cleaning, not Clearing

Snaking doesn’t clean pipe. All it does is clear clogs. The way snaking works is that a steel auger pierces through the clogging and opens a path for water to keep flowing. That’s nice, but the pipe is still dirty. Hydro-jetting completely washes away everything and anything that is clogging the pipe. This results in better water flow and less risk of the clogs to form again anytime soon.

Cost Effective

Hydro-jetting is a better investment than snaking, because you won’t need a hydro-jetting service as often. For example, traditional snaking is recommended twice a year. Hydro-jetting can be done once a year or even less often.


Even if your pipes are not clogged, you might notice they smell. That means there is something in the pipe that is rotten, but it’s not large enough to block the pipe. Hydro-jetting removes everything, so you can be certain that the bad smell will go away.


Finally, we use a camera to make sure that every commercial pipe cleaning service we do is done correctly. Once the pipes are cleaned, the inspection will show us potential problem areas that were not visible because the pipe was dirty. So this inspection can also save you more money in the long run, by identifying problems you didn’t know you had.


Call us today at (818) 298-1344. With over 25 years of pipe cleaning experience in both residential and commercial pipe settings, we can guarantee we will always get the job right. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured.

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