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Drain Cleaning In Northridge, California


Do the drains in your sink, shower or tub clog easily? Perhaps it takes a lot longer for the toilets to flush than it normally does? Have you tried using some of that store bought liquid drain cleaner only to find that the blockages re-appear rather quickly sometimes within a day or two? If you answered yes to any of the questions listed above than chances are high that your property is suffering from dirty drainpipes. It does not take much for this type of incident to occur. The items that go down our drains on a daily basis are actually unhealthy for the drainpipes and in turn the entire sewer system.

For example food grease, food particles, hair, soap residue, shampoo residue, and toilet paper to name can get caught up in drainpipes. Even if they pass through without an issue a few particles are always left behind. In addition water scales build up on the interior walls of the drainpipes. If the drains are not cleaned on a regular basis all of that gunk will build up to the point that it causes clogs in the system. These clogs result in sink drains, shower/tub drains, and toilet drains that are slow to drain. Worse yet the blockages can cause raw sewage, wastewater, and waste materials to back up into the system.

If that happens it is only a matter of time until it ends up flooding into your property through the toilet bowls, faucets, and drains. That is a bio-hazardous mess that no one residing in or working at the property should even come into direct contact with. The good news is that it is extremely affordable to hire a professional drain cleaning service like Northridge Plumber on a regular basis. Experts in the plumbing industry suggest that residential, commercial, and industrial real estate owners should have the procedure done at least once per year in order to keep the drains, drainpipes, and sewer system working properly.

It simply does not matter if your property is brand new or was built long ago. By keeping the system free and clear of clogs and blockages it will absolutely go a long way in avoiding extremely costly plumbing and sewer related repairs. That being said, industry experts also highly recommend that you leave the procedure up to the experts in order to avoid damaging or even breaking the drainpipes, sewer pipes, and plumbing fixtures.

Northridge Plumber is an industry leader that incorporates the use of the most technologically advanced plumbing equipment, tools, and processes available on the market. Combined with our team of tremendously experienced and highly trained field technicians we are able to deliver the most cost effective, efficient, and timely solutions in the entire plumbing industry.

Our company takes great pride in the fact that we are able to provide our valued customers with the best service in the business at the most affordable prices. Please contact us for an initial consultation with one of our drain cleaning experts in the Northridge, California area or to schedule a free estimate for any of your plumbing related needs. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you as well.


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