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Industrial Drain Cleaning Northridge CA


When it comes to plumbing care, industrial buildings have the hardest time keeping their pipeline system in good shape. Factories and warehouses produce grease, oils, sludge, and chemical waste—just to name a few—that go down the drains on a daily basis. Most factories take measures to keep their drains clean like using chemical drain cleaners and grease traps. These are great short-term solutions but as the years go by all of these chemicals and waste stick to the pipe and cause clogging and slow draining. At this point, the best remedy for an aging drain pipe is an industrial cleaning service by Roberts Plumbing in Northridge, California.

The Risks of a Clogged Drain

There are two big problems to consider when a clogged drain goes unchecked.

First: financial risk. A clogged drain can shut off your production if you depend on sewage service to work. The longer the problem goes unchecked, the more expensive the repair can be.

Second: health risks. People working in an environment where there are major sewer problems can complicate underlying conditions. For example, people with asthma can suffer an attack when they breathe wastewater from a blocked drain. Others may get headaches or nausea as a result of being around a clogged drain.

Industrial Drain Cleaning

One of the most effective ways to clean a clogged drain is hydro-jetting. It works by inserting a nozzle into the pipe, which then shoots a stream of high-pressure water to remove clogs and clean the interior surfaces of the plumbing pipes. The water stream is so powerful that not only does it remove any accumulated grease or sediments stuck to the pipe’s walls, it also destroys tree roots that may have intruded in the pipe.

Hydro-Jetting vs. Snaking

It’s important to discuss why hydro-jetting is better than snaking. These are the two most popular drain cleaning methods, and while a lot of people prefer snaking—maybe because it’s the older method—hydro-jetting is simply superior.

Hydro-Jetting is versatile. If the pipe is small, we simply adjust the nozzle to its size and we can start working. The water pressure can also be adjusted depending on the type of clogging we are dealing with. The stream of pressurized water will remove everything in its path leaving a completely clean pipe.

Snaking works by inserting an auger into the pipe. The auger is a steel cable with a coil at the end that looks like a corkscrew. As the auger goes into the pipe it perforates the obstruction and opens a path in the pipe.

The problem with snaking is that while it may open the pipe, it is not thorough. Snaking will leave clogs stuck to the walls, and some roots that were left behind. And because it wasn’t a thorough job to begin with, the clogging will return.

Hydro-jetting is so effective as a drain cleaning tool that chemical drain cleaning products become obsolete. Scheduling a hydro-jetting service every 6-12 months will guarantee your pipes will work perfectly for many years to come.

Contact us today to find out more about our industrial drain cleaning services. You can get a free on-site estimate on any major work you need. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to take on any plumbing job you have.

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