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Sewer Camera Inspection In Northridge, California


Thanks to recent advances in both video and plumbing technology, a sewer camera inspection in Northridge, California is only a click or phone call away. The procedure is the only non-invasive method that allows plumbing contractors to take a good look at the condition of the sewer system at your residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Plumbing experts from around the country highly suggest that property owners should schedule a sewer camera inspection on a yearly basis in order to avoid a sewer related disaster now or in the future.

The plumbing experts also highly suggest that property buyers should schedule a sewer camera inspection prior to purchasing any piece of real estate. The entire process takes just about an hour, and is a small financial investment that can potentially save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in future sewer repair work. So how does the sewer camera inspection actually work? A field technician will arrive at the property with a bunch of high-tech equipment. The first thing that they will do is locate an established access point into the sewer system, typically a drain cleanout.

The technician will then install a flexible rod into the sewer system through the access point. A tiny, waterproof, high-definition video camera is attached to the end of the flexible rod. As the rod is being snaked or fed through the sewer pipes the video camera is recording images of the interior conditions of the sewer pipeline. The images taken in real time and relayed back to the technician where they can be viewed on a laptop computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device with a screen. The video is also saved in electronic format, and a copy is provided to the customer at the end of the inspection.

The video is of such high quality that even the smallest imperfections within the sewer pipeline are detectable. If any issues are discovered the plumbing technician will be able to determine if it needs to be fixed immediately or simply tracked with future sewer camera inspections until the point that it does require attention. Often times the problem is an inexpensive fix that would have turned into a major sewer repair if it continued to go unnoticed. That is exactly why a regularly scheduled sewer camera inspection is so important. This holds especially true if the property you own or are planning to purchase is over forty years old.

Northridge Plumber is an industry leader that incorporates the use of the most technologically advanced plumbing equipment, tools, and processes available on the market. Combined with our team of tremendously experienced and highly trained field technicians we are able to deliver the most cost effective, efficient, and timely solutions in the entire plumbing industry.

Our company takes great pride in the fact that we are able to provide our valued customers with the best service in the business at the most affordable prices. Please contact us for an initial consultation with one of our sewer camera inspection experts in the Northridge, California area or to schedule a free estimate for any of your plumbing related needs. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you as well.

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