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No One Likes Bad Gas! Get Your Gas Lines Repaired at an Affordable Price!

The smell of natural gas is undoubtedly very discomforting. No one likes the bad smell. That bad smell you detect is an indication of an impending emergency.  The idea is that homeowners using gas fired equipment in their homes become immediately aware of leaking natural gas. That smell is telling you to get your gas lines repaired. Now is the time to start looking for gas pipe repair companies at an affordable price.

What to do in case of a bad smell

As you are probably aware leaking gas can be very hazardous. Never use a lighter or a match near the stove if you smell gas in the kitchen. Even turning on an electrical switch can ignite the gas and cause an explosion and a fire.

As an immediate measure, open all doors and windows. Allow ventilation in the kitchen. Let the air pass through. Don’t turn on any electrical switches or exhaust fans or any other electrical devices located in the room where the leaking gas has been detected.

The next important step is to call a competent certified gas pipe repair company.

Obviously, you would like to have the leaking gas pipe repaired as soon as possible with maximum safety and at minimal cost.

If you are in Michigan, you’ve probably heard of us. We are an experienced and reliable company performing gas pipe repairs. We have the capability to perform gas pipe repairs in a safe and effective manner.

Gas Piping Components

The gas piping system of any house or building has a main isolation valve immediately after the gas meter. This is followed by gas piping and various fittings such as tees, elbows and cock valves.

A properly designed and engineered gas piping system would have isolation valves for the various branches in the system. The idea is to enable leaking piping/fittings to be isolated from the rest of the system. This facilitates the repair of leaking sections.

The leakage is almost always at the fittings which are elbows, tees and isolation valves. A gas pipe may also leak but this is rare. The pipe would leak if the gas piping route has not been carefully selected.  A gas piping route should avoid all paths where there is a chance of the gas pipe getting corroded.

Selection of cheap pipe and fittings could also jeopardize the installation in the long run. Poor installation methods could be a factor in gas pipe leakage too. Hence it is imperative that you go with a certified and competent installation company during the initial installation phase.

Gas Pipe Repair

Whether it is leaking valve, fitting or gas pipe, it’s important that you immediately call the gas pipe repair company which has sufficient experience in handling gas pipe repairs.

It is important to ensure that the gas pipe repair company is certified to do gas pipe repairs and has adequately experienced technical staff. We offer a range of gas pipe services- from installation to repair. No more bad gas with Roberts Plumbing!

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