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Gas Pipe Installation and Repairs In Northridge, California

All plumbing and heating services are best left to professionals, but installing and repairing gas pipelines takes extra finesse and additional qualifications. Due to the sensitive nature of natural gas, only a licensed professional should work with the gas lines at your property to ensure proper safety precautions are taken and the services are up to code. Roberts Plumbing technicians have the expertise and credentials to guarantee your gas lines are handled with the utmost care. We employ plumbers who hold C-36 plumbing licenses and other credentials authorized by the State of California. Our expert plumbers have been properly trained and have the licenses to show for it.


With decades worth of experience behind our name, Roberts Plumbing knows the secret to successful plumbing repairs is staying current with innovative technology and regulations. We keep our staff up-to-date with local and state level gas codes, so our clients always receive the most advanced repairs and installations on the market. Our technicians are experienced with installing new natural gas or propane gas systems, installing earthquake safety shut off valves at gas meter locations, performing repairs to gas lines, and locating leaks.

Some of the services we excel at are installing new gas appliances and hooking them up to the existing line, replacing gas pipes with new, stronger materials, and repairing leaking pipes. We can connect a new stove, grille, or laundry unit quickly and efficiently. Replace an entire pipeline with superior piping that won’t be prone to leaks, or have us perform a professional safety inspection to give you peace of mind. Our plumbers arrive in a marked van, in uniform, with all of the tools and equipment they need to repair the gas pipes at your home or business quickly and effectively.


Since gas is clean-burning and inexpensive, we encourage our clients to consider switching their home heating and appliances over to gas. Gas can be used to heat homes and businesses, pools and hot tubs, and for indoor and outdoor cooking, and there are countless benefits to using natural gas. The most obvious is its cheap price tag. Due to its accessibility, it costs less than other fossil fuels. It also requires less maintenance, thanks to its clean-burning properties. It is also more reliable, because it comes from a pipeline underground and is always available when you need it. And property owners can relax knowing that natural gas is one of the safest home heating alternatives on the market today.


Choosing Roberts Plumbing can save you thousands. We are dedicated to offering our clients the most competitive pricing on the market, which is why we offer on-going specials and free estimates. A gas leak is nothing to take lightly, so if you think your gas line is in need of repair, call today and we will have a professional technician out to your property to perform an inspection and get your pipes on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

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