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Grease Trap and Repair and Refurbishing In Northridge, California

The grease trap at your home is an essential part of your sewer system and a main component in keeping it clean and healthy. Installed between the kitchen sink and the sewer line, these miracle workers catch fat and oils and prevent them from clogging the pipeline. Grease traps are good for the environment and your wallet, because they help you avoid costly and detrimental plumbing issues that arise from excess buildup. Because they work so hard, eventually, all grease traps need maintenance. At Roberts Plumbing, we can repair and refurbish your grease trap in just a few hours.


Our expertly trained technicians will discern if the plumbing issue is due to a dilapidated grease trap. If it is, the surface area will be thoroughly cleaned and prep for repair. Grease trap refurbishing is a trenchless method, meaning Roberts Plumbing plumbers do not need to damage the infrastructure around the pipeline to perform the repair.

After the trap is cleaned, we measure the inner surface to determine which areas are in need of replacement. Pieces are cut to fit and then affixed inside the trap. Finally, we coat the entire grease trap with an epoxy resin that is chemical-resistant and anti-corrosive. The resin takes approximately three to four hours to cure and will leave your trap functioning better than ever. We provide you with a brand new grease trap, without the hassle and mess of removing parts and manually replacing them.


Refurbishing the grease trap at your home or business means you donít need to shut down operations or make adjustments to your personal schedule to accommodate the repair, because it is quick, simple, and takes place internally. Unlike other plumbers who still use traditional repair and replacement methods, Roberts Plumbing technicians specialize in trenchless repairs for the convenience of our clients. This means no digging or noisy jackhammering, no mess, and less stress. Our technicians will be in and out within a few hours.

Refurbishing with epoxy resin leaves the trap sealed with a tough material that does not corrode and stands up to even the toughest of buildup. Epoxy resin lasts for fifty years or more, so you will enjoy decades before the grease trap needs to be repaired again. Even better, it has a high chemical resistance and is safe for the environment. We are so confident in this method, we provide a five year warranty on any grease trap refurbishing service.


With more than 25 years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Roberts Plumbing delivers professional service and lasting repairs. If your grease trap is acting up, or your sewer line is clogging, call us today for a free estimate. We will send an expert out to your property at your convenience to assess the source of the issue and recommend a solution, so you can start enjoying smooth-flowing plumbing again as soon as possible.

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