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Our Plumbing Services in Northridge, CA

Get the peace of mind you deserve by hiring a plumber in Northridge, CA, from Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter. We're a residential and commercial plumbing company that prides itself on honest, friendly, customer-focused plumbing service. Whether you're faced with a persistent drip or wondering if a tankless water heater is right for your needs, we're here to help.

Why Plumbing Repairs are Not DIY Projects

When plumbing repairs pop up on your to-do list, you may be tempted to watch a video or grab your toolbox and give it a shot. However, a DIY approach to plumbing is not worth the risk. Even if you are adept at basic household repairs, there's always the potential to do more harm than good. Possible DIY risks include:

  • Not diagnosing the actual source of the problem
  • Lacking the correct equipment to safely resolve the issue
  • Unintentionally making the problem worse
  • Creating entirely new and costly problems

Trust Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter

Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter has been providing top-notch service for more than 20 years. Additionally, we're a fully licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company with a solid reputation for paying attention to details and delivering reliable results. You'll also appreciate the fact that we have a wide range of capabilities, from general plumbing assistance to new construction plumbing. We also use modern techniques like hydro-jetting, sewer and drain pipe descaling, water heater repair, and trenchless sewer repair.

Common Plumbing Issues

Dripping faucets and slow drains are among some of the most common plumbing issues experienced by homeowners and business owners. Other possible issues that could have you calling a plumber in Northridge, CA, from Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter include:

  • Clogged or running toilets
  • Broken pipes
  • Stopped up household or sewer drains
  • Leaking or not efficiently working water heaters
  • Low water pressure

Our Range of Plumbing Services

No matter what's going on with your home or business plumbing in Northridge, CA, our team is prepared to identify the problem and offer a sensible solution. Our primary plumbing services in Northridge, CA are discussed below.

Fixtures Installation and Repair

Get the most out of your new fixtures by letting our plumbing pros properly install them. If all your fixtures need is some adjustments or new parts, we can handle that, too.

Toilet Repairs and Installations

The most effective way to resolve clogged commodes and other common toilet issues is to give us a call. We can also help you select a new, more efficient toilet if it's time to replace or upgrade what you already have.

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

As two of the most commonly used rooms in the home, kitchens, and bathrooms tend to need the most attention from professional plumbers. Our team is ready to lend a hand with everything from faucet drips and garbage disposal problems to drain clogs, fixture updates, and tub-to-shower conversions.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Save yourself time, frustration, and money by making Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter your preferred plumbing company. While we do make every effort to be prompt, we certainly don't settle for quick fixes. We're fully committed to getting the job done right the first time, no matter how big or small it may be.

Contact a plumber in Northridge, CA, from Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter today to receive a free estimate. We also serve the following areas:

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Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter

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