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Sewer Repair in Woodland Hills, CA

The traditional, dig-and-replace methods of sewer repair are associated with massive property damage and high price tags, but with Roberts Plumbing, we offer our clients cheaper, cleaner, and less destructive alternatives. Sewer repair has become refined with the advancements in technology, making it possible for us to recommend trenchless alternatives for our residential and commercial property owners. We are pleased to offer these new solutions to our clients in Woodland Hills and the surrounding area.

Our technicians are professionally trained in conducting sewer repairs in a timely and safe manner, incorporating modern technology to simplify the process and present our customers with a quick but efficient result. Our sewer repair methods include pipe bursting and pipe lining, both of which are trenchless processes that eliminate the invasive digging and needless property damage.


Pipe bursting relies on the use of hydraulic equipment to pull the new pipe through the existing pipeline while bursting apart the old pipe. While the old pipe is fractured, it is not removed from the ground, and serves to protect the new pipe from tree roots and other environmental factors. This method of repair is employed when the pipe needs to be completely replaced, and the new pipe that is pulled in has an extended lifespan because of its durability and non-corrosive quality.


We will send one of our technicians to perform a professional inspection and diagnose your sewer line problems. After the technician explains the cause of the issue and your repair options are discussed, we will use an epoxy resin to repair your sewer pipes. In this process, epoxy resin is poured in through the access point and inflated until it adheres to the inside rim of the pipe. The resin is cured and hardened, filling in any cracks or breaks within the pipe. Its smooth texture allows for sewage to easily move through the pipe, and the strength of the hardened resin will prevent the pipe from rusting or being invaded by tree roots. Our methods are created to be environmentally-friendly and non-hazardous and our sewer repair solutions are designed to function for fifty years or more, instilling trust in our customers that our quality of work is excellent.


Traditional sewer repair methods can take weeks to complete, but modern technology has allowed sewer repair to take just a few days. It eliminates the need for costly labor and property repair, making it cheaper than traditional methods. At Roberts Plumbing, we believe our sewer repair methods are the superior choice because it allows our valued clients the freedom to continue their daily routines without the interruption of digging and hazardous gases being released into the air, dust, and debris, ultimately lowering the cost of repair and promoting eco-friendly solutions.

Our Range of Plumbing Services

If you need your sewer lines to be repaired, call us today and we will send one of our experts out to your property to perform an inspection and discuss your repair options with you. We are available to answer your sewer repair questions any time day or night, seven days a week and pride ourselves in providing prompt service. Call now and we will repair your sewer system without delay.

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