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Trenchless Pipe Lining in Woodland Hills, CA

At Roberts Plumbing, we provide the residents of Woodland Hills and the surrounding area with professional and superb service, making us the number one choice for all of your plumbing needs. Now, we are proud to offer our clients innovative, cheaper, and cleaner options to traditional pipeline repair with trenchless pipe lining.


Trenchless pipe lining is a pipe repair and replacement option that eliminates the need for our technicians to dig trenches on your property when repairing or replacing your sewer or water lines. When we perform trenchless pipe lining, our technician will repair or replace your pipes using existing access points, called cleanouts, or dig small, noninvasive holes to access the pipes. At Roberts Plumbing, our clients no longer need to worry about restoration costs after the repairs are complete because your flooring and landscaping will remain intact.


Trenchless pipe lining is employed when water lines or sewer pipes need to be repaired or replaced. It is a versatile solution because it can be applied to restore pipes at residential and commercial properties, and in addition, it can restore many different types of pipes, including PVC, clay, cast iron, Orangeburg, and more. All of our technicians are licensed and highly-skilled in trenchless pipe lining, and in addition to offering these services, we make sure to perform a professional sewer camera inspection beforehand in order to accurately diagnose the issue in our pipes. We strive to provide solutions that will truly fix the problem and keep your pipes flowing for years.

After our technician performs an inspection of the pipes and recommends trenchless pipe lining as the ideal solution, the pipes will be cleaned with hydro jetting, in which a powerful stream of water is forced through the pipes and removes any debris and waste in the pipe. After this is done, the pipeline walls are coated with an epoxy resin that is poured through the access points and hardened. The resin seals cracks and breaks in the pipe and creates a new, thin pipe within the old one, with no excavation or removal necessary.


Not only does this process save our customers time and money from needing to pay for landscaping repairs, it also provides them with a product that is guaranteed to last for many years. The new pipes are thin yet durable and strong, preventing them from being worn down by temperature fluctuations, usage, and mitigating corrosion. The new pipe is installed within a single day without disturbing your home or business operations.


We emphasize local service and have technicians throughout the area, which means we will have a skilled technician to you in 90 minutes or less. For more than 25 years, we have been the number one plumbing company in Woodland Hills and the surrounding area, providing trustworthy, professional, and skilled repairs. If its time to repair or replace your pipes in or around Woodland Hills, you can count on Roberts Plumbing to provide the best service in the area.

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