Beware of These Common Plumbing Scams

Sadly, plumbing scams are on the rise just like other types of scams. However, there are still trustworthy companies to turn to, such as Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter, if you need a plumber in Chatsworth, CA.

The good news is that it is easy to spot plumbing scams. We list some of the most common ones below.


Scam Alert: If someone claims to be a licensed plumber but doesn’t have a license handy to prove it, you should take that as a scam. Even if they call themselves a plumber, they may not have the necessary skills to deliver plumbing repairs. They might be unlicensed or uninsured as well.

Protect Yourself: Ask for proof of licensing and insurance before allowing them to work on your property. Additionally, be wary of unusually low quotes or high-pressure sales tactics, as these can be red flags for fraudulent activity. It’s always best to avoid that level of risk.


Scam Alert: If you live in an upscale neighborhood and have a pricey home, you’re a scam magnet. You may have people coming to your home claiming to be “plumbers” who want to do some work in your home. They also try to charge you way too much. Avoid this scam like the plague.

Protect Yourself: To safeguard your home from being a target of plumbing scams, research reputable plumbing companies with a proven track record of quality service. Additionally, insist on written estimates and contracts outlining the scope of work and pricing to protect yourself from potential scams.


Scam Alert: A legitimate plumbing company will never promise you fixtures or components that are high quality and then give you subpar products instead. This is the bait and switch scam. The result is shoddy fixtures or parts for the same too-high amount of money. In the end, you will have to pay extra to have a reputable plumber clean up the mess.

Protect Yourself: Obtain multiple quotes from different plumbers before committing to any work. Insist on a detailed written estimate that includes all costs and potential additional charges. Before authorizing any repairs or services, ensure that the final price matches the initial quote and clarify any discrepancies to avoid falling victim to deceptive practices.


Scam Alert: The low-ball technique is a type of plumbing scam that involves someone telling you they will give you a much lower estimate or a “once in a lifetime offer.” They will also present an estimate without even checking your plumbing. If you fall for this, they can take your money without giving you a receipt.

Protect Yourself: To shield yourself from lowball technique plumbing scams, be wary of unusually low estimates that seem too good to be true. Research the average cost of similar plumbing services in your area to gauge the reasonableness of the quote. Inquire about any hidden fees or charges upfront and ensure that the final price aligns with the work you expect.


Scam Alert: If a person appears at your door claiming to be a plumber offering their services, ignore them. This plumbing scam often happens to senior citizens. You should never have solicitors offering you plumbing services. Chances are, the individual is only looking to rob you.

Protect Yourself: Be wary of unsolicited offers or door-to-door sales pitches, and always ask for references or read reviews before hiring a plumber.

When hiring a plumber, always do your due diligence by checking their credentials. At Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter, we have all the qualifications to meet your needs, no matter how big or small. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.