Pipe Descaling in Northridge, CA, and Nearby Areas

When you're on the lookout for a reliable plumber in Northridge CA, make sure to contact Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter. Your pipes should last you decades on end, yet some plumbing companies will take one look and tell you to replace your pipes when all you need are effective plumbing repairs. There are several issues that we can handle through the process of descaling, which many plumbing services don't offer because they don't have the proper equipment. Some specific problems with your pipes don't require replacement at all, contrary to what another plumbing company may tell you.


Pipes do corrode over time, but it's a normal process. However, as a pipe corrodes, debris that flows through your drain pipes can get stuck to those corroded spots and inhibit proper water flow. This process is called tuberculation. While some teams will suggest replacement when met with pipes undergoing this process, our plumbing company can remove tuberculation with adequate descaling.



Because your sewer system connects to many other homes and bathrooms, things are bound to come into the pipes that aren't supposed to be there. Foreign objects and excess debris conglomerate to clog up the pipes. This clogging can end up causing issues for you and possibly the other homes that connect to the same sewer system. Due to the nature of the descaling process, descaling is a more than viable option to remove clogs.


Just as pipes corrode naturally over time, pipes can also rust over time, specifically if your pipes are cast iron. The rust causes the interior walls of the pipe to become uneven, and eventually, flakes of rust will break away in the form of scale flakes, adding to the debris that's already in your pipes. Other types of scale include limescale, calcium scale, and mineral deposits which build up as a white substance on the inner walls of the pipe and decrease water flow. Fortunately, removing scale buildup is what descaling does.


Plumbing companies can take two approaches when descaling: the wet approach or the dry approach. Our company uses the wet method, which is advantageous in giving your pipes a thorough cleaning. Our descaling equipment uses a chain within the pipe attached via a special nozzle. This chain is cut to the correct length and ensures the most efficient cleaning of your interior pipe walls.

While descaling your pipes, the hydro jetter flushes the pipe with water to remove every form of debris the descaling removes from the walls. Clogs, debris trapped under corroded spots, and all kinds of scale buildup will disappear to make the inside of your drain pipes flow as smoothly as possible.



If plumbing services with other companies have let you down in the past, it might tempt you to try and dig into or replace your pipes on your own. However, doing so is unnecessary when you can call us instead. We have the right equipment and the proper knowledge to offer you trustworthy plumbing repairs.

If you're looking for a plumber in Northridge CA, Chatsworth CA, or Woodland Hills CA, look no further. We service all these areas and are glad to lend a helping hand. Call us today for plumbing done the right way.

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