Drain Cleaning and Sewer Repair in Simi Valley, California




Whether your Simi Valley, California plumbing is being impacted by old age, wear and tear, or more complex problems, never hesitate to call Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter with your plumbing questions, comments, and concerns. We’ve been working in the Simi Valley, CA area and surrounding cities, suburbs, and towns for over twenty-five years, making our team of plumbing technicians highly equipped to handle anything you throw at us.


Drain cleaning and sewer repair services oftentimes go hand in hand, since drain cleaning can sometimes reveal the need for sewer repair services.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a vital part of keeping your Simi Valley, CA plumbing running smoothly and functioning at top quality. And doesn’t everyone want toilets that flush smoothly, showers that have great water pressure, and kitchen sinks that don’t back up every time you run the garbage disposal? All of these things are part of problems that you can encounter due to a clogged or obstructed pipe; your toilets can clog or drain slowly, you can experience bad water pressure in showers and tubs, and your garbage disposal can start not properly disposing of waste you’ve emptied into it.

That’s why Roberts Plumbing offers drain cleaning services at affordable prices to businesses and residents throughout Simi Valley. We make sure that your drains are clean by using an eco-friendly, efficient, and fast process known as hydro jetting. Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water that blasts through a nozzle with several strategically-placed holes in it. This nozzle, which is attached to a hose, is inserted into your pipes. The water then washes out any waste, clogs, tree root invasions, or other nasty complications inside your line, exposing the raw quality of the pipe. This can expose problems like leaks, pinhole cracks, joint leaks, or major damages like fractures and major clogs that may not be able to be hydro jetted away.

Sewer Repair

The solution, after hydro jetting drain cleaning services, is sewer repair. If drain cleaning didn’t return your plumbing service to 100%, we’ll offer you sewer repair services at great prices, completed by expert plumbing technicians so you get your job done the right way, the first time. Several things contribute to clogs or fractures inside a pipe, along with other complications. Contributing factors can include, but don’t limit to; shifting of the earth over time, encroaching tree roots, deterioration due to clogs, faulty construction, bad installations, and pipe material.

Pipes made from cast iron, for example, are highly prone to problems like corrosion and erosion. PVC pipes are likely to warp, while clay pipes crack more quickly. It can be challenging to find the right pipe material, let alone figure out the right type of repairs and replacements that may be necessary when those pipes become faulty or malfunction.

That’s why you call the professionals at Roberts. We offer great services at great prices.

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