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Drain Inspection


Drain Inspection as Preventative Maintenance

How often do you inspect the drains in your home? Over time, the drains in your home will get dirty or become clogged. If care is not taken, you may likely experience emergency drain issues in your home. The best way to prevent your drain from getting clogged or broken is by carrying out regular inspection.

Failing Sewer and Drain Pipes Are a Health Risk

When your drains become damaged or broken, chances are, wastewater spill will occur. This puts your health at risk. The environment can also get polluted. What’s more, the foundation of your home and some of your belongings will likely be affected. At the end of the day, the $1 you should have spent on inspecting your drains will end up costing you more exponentially.

Drain Inspection Process

The drain inspection process involves the use of a state-of-the-art camera to view the interior portion of your drain pipes. A camera will be attached to a cord then carefully guided through your drains by the expert. Through this, your drain pipes will be thoroughly inspected to notice any leaks, breaks, rust, or blockages in the pipes.

Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter Drain Inspection Services

Everything, as seen by the camera, will be displayed on a digital screen for your view. It can also be recorded onto a DVD disc for future references. After determining the source and degree of the clogging or damage, adequate solutions can be employed. High-pressure hydro jetting can be used to flush away the particles causing the clog.

Why Inspect Your Drains?

Your failure to inspect or examine your drains regularly will only bring about further damages to your health, your home, and its surroundings. Inspecting your drains will make it easy to detect any clog – debris, sludge, grease, food particles and more—obstructing the flow of wastewater. Once detected, the clogs can be removed before they constitute further damages.

Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Furthermore, through drain inspection, the exact point of leak or damage in the underground sewer or drain pipes can be detected. Once the extent of the leak or damage has been determined, adequate repairs can be made. Through drain inspection, minor issues can be identified and repaired on time before they become complicated.

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