How to Detect a Gas Pipe Leak in Your Home in Northridge, CA?

Millions of homes all over the globe have natural gas as one of the main sources of energy today. People use this gas to cook their daily meals so it is a staple in many different environments. While natural gas is considered to be a safe source of energy if monitored properly, leaks in the home can be a potentially dangerous and fatal hazard for everyone involved. So, it is very important that you know How to Detect a Gas Pipe Leak in Your Home in Northridge, CA if you want to keep your family safe and secure. That said, here’s a few key things that you should know.


One of the first keys to detecting a gas leak in any home is paying close attention to odd smells. Even though leaking gas cannot be seen, there is a distinct odd odor that people can recognize right away if they are paying close attention. In fact, once the person can identify the smell, it can make the difference between life and deaf if they follow up right away. For instance, when there is a leak somewhere in the home, someone in the home may begin to smell a very offensive odor, similar to the smell of rotten eggs. Based on how strong this odor is in the home, it usually hard to ignore.


Even though this smell can be very offensive, people who recognize the scent are usually very appreciative for these smells, especially since it can be a major signal in identifying a gas leak problem in the home. Therefore, one of the next steps in identifying the source of the problem, is to do a simple test in the area in which the odor is coming from.

This test is simple to perform and can be done with items that people usually have available in their home. For instance, the homeowner will need dishwashing liquid, water and a paint brush. The dishwashing liquid will be used to make a soap and water based solution. To make the solution, the owner or a family member will need to combine the water and dishwashing soap in equal proportions. Once the mixture is ready, it should be applied to the pipes in the area that may be affected. Typically, all the person has to do is use the paint brush to apply this mixture on the pipes in the area, and then watch it for specific signs.

If the pipes in the area begin to show bubbles on the surface, this will indicate that there is gas leak and it needs to be addressed immediately. To mitigate this type of situations, one of the first things that the homeowner should do is open up the doors and all windows to get more ventilation in the rooms, and then leave the area as soon as possible to solicit help.


After leaving the property, the owner should contact the appropriate team of professionals for help. These teams are equipped with the tools and expertise to take care of these problems immediately to prevent unnecessary damage.

Identifying a gas leak in the home does not have to be difficult if the homeowner and their family members know what to do. So, it is very important that everyone knows how to identify the smell, perform a simple test with a water and soap-based solution, ventilate the area properly and then call the professionals for help.