How Tree Roots Affect Your Pipes

Shrubs and trees are an excellent addition to your landscape, as it can enhance its aesthetic appeal and ambiance. Unfortunately, uncontrolled tree root growth may tamper with the sewer lines and plumbing vents under the ground, causing expensive damages. Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter brings you some of the top impacts tree roots can have on your pipes and give you enough reasons to schedule hydro jetting in Chatsworth, CA.


As roots continue to grow underneath the lawn, they are likely to come across the plumbing lines. Tree roots grow towards moisture and nutrients, which are abundant in your sewer lines. The penetrating roots might force their way through the plumbing system causing structural damage to the pipes. To prevent serious property damage, you might want to call your local plumber for pipe jetting and reconstruction services immediately. 


The growth of tree roots under the ground may interfere with the pipes laying underground. The roots will penetrate through the pipes causing cracks and other structural damages that trigger sewer or water damage. Sewer leakage, in particular, increases the risk of health hazards while water leakage is expensive. Consider calling a plumber in Chatsworth, CA to deal with roots in your pipes.

We use sewer jetting to gently yet effectively blast away roots and other debris in your sewer pipes. This allows us to see the exact location of the damage so we can provide you with the necessary repairs.


Tree root damage to your sewer lines could also cause blockage and backups within your system. Roots tend to grow and spread within the sewer lines in search of more moisture and nutrients. We recommend hydro jetting tree roots as the best solution for this type of obstruction.

Do you suspect tree root growth affecting your sewer lines and pipes? Contact Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter today to learn how our hydro jetting services can help sort out the tree root growth problem within your plumbing system.