Is It Okay to Use a Leaking Water Heater?

Water heaters are no doubt an essential component of every household. However, they are not infallible and may start to leak over time due to various reasons. The question that arises then is, is it okay to continue using a leaking water heater? As the leading expert for water heater repair in Chatsworth, CA, Roberts Plumbing, Hydro Jet & Rooter explores this question, providing answers and solutions to those facing such a predicament.


The most common leakage areas in a water heater are the pipes, valves, and tank itself. Identifying the source of the leak will help determine its severity and potential risks.

If the leak stems from a loose valve or connection, it can often be easily fixed with simple adjustments or replacement parts. However, if the tank is leaking, it may be a sign of more serious damage, and hot water heater replacement may be necessary.


Are you dealing with a small drip or a constant stream? If it is just a small drip (coming from a valve or pipe), it may be possible to continue using the water heater for a short period while making arrangements for repairs. Go ahead and take that shower or do the dishes, but keep an eye on the leak and be prepared to turn off the water supply if it worsens.

However, if the leak is more severe (and comes from the tank itself), there is a risk of scalding hot water or even an explosion. It is best not to touch the water heater and seek professional water heater services immediately.


A tankless water heater can also experience leaks, mainly due to a faulty pressure relief valve. The PRV is designed to release excess pressure in the system, but if it becomes stuck or blocked, it can cause leaking. In most cases, it’s safer to turn off the unit and have it inspected by a professional before using it again.

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