Why You Need Drain Cleaning & Clogged Drain Repair Services in Northridge, CA?

Who doesn’t want to keep their drains smelling fresh and free flowing? Drain cleaning can go a long way towards maintaining and improving your drain system’s performance, and preventing future pipe problems.Residential and commercial plumbing systems are built with several drains throughout, mostly found in the kitchen sink, toilet, shower, bathtub, laundry, and the garage floor. The drains are designed with corresponding mechanisms to serve its purpose of efficiently moving used water away from your home or business.

Each and every day, these pipes carry fresh, clean and sanitary water from a reservoir straight to your place. Though we can count on these pipes as we perform a wide variety of daily tasks, they can break down over time, due to tree root intrusions, corrosion, cracks and other causes. If these drains start to malfunction, clean water can become contaminated, putting anyone who will soon use the plumbing at risk for potentially serious illnesses.



Clogged or Not Draining – Once a drain suddenly stops draining or you strongly suspect is clogged, it’s best to have a professional camera inspection done to find out what exactly is going on within the pipes. Failure to remove the clog leads to standing water in tubs and sinks, emitting an unhealthy atmosphere and more damage to your plumbing.

Slow Water Draining – Drains are prone to accummulation of grease, hair, soap, and other foreign matter. As the build up becomes worse and some time before a drain becomes clogged, it would typically exhibit slow-draining water. Slow drains are not just frustrating, but can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Sluggish Water Pressure – The pressure coming out of your plumbing fixtures may suddenly change for no apparent reason. It becomes slower and tends to get worse over time.

Overflowing Toilets – Backing up and clogging becomes a normal occurrence in your home. A sure sign of a clogged toilet drain is overflowing whenever you flush, caused by too much waste, small objects falling through, or a clog deep within the line.

Water Backing Up – You notice foul odors emanating from the drain. The smell is much like raw sewage, and that’s not far from the truth. It could be the pipes have cracked or collapsed, putting the health of everyone in the premises at risk.

Flooding Outside the House – There’s a flood in your yard or indentions, and pooling of water where there was none before. These are probably the most obvious sign that your water lines are in dire need of repair or replacement.

Drainage problems and blockages, ranging from minor inconveniences to the disastrous, can cause disruptions business operations and daily activities. With the help of a qualified plumber, many can be easily identified and immediately fixed, with drains and sewer lines ultimately restored to perfect working condition.