Sewer & Drain Pipe Descaling Burbank, CA



Cast iron pipes are made to last for decades, but that doesn't mean they can't fall victim to build up and blockages. Cast iron pipes can be very durable, but even they need to serviced and maintained properly. To extend the life of your cast iron pipes, Roberts plumbing offers pipe descaling to Burbank businesses and homeowners.

Pipe descaling is the cleaning process that uses specialized scrubbing materials attached to a rotating cable. Descaling is is a safe method for cast iron with severe corrosion since the the mineral deposits and other debris are simply scraped away.. The pipe descaling process basically scrubs the corrosion from the inner pipe walls so it can be flushed through the sewer system.


When metallic surfaces come into contact with moisture, rust and corrosion form over time. As the deterioration progresses, the scale builds up inside the pipe. The buildup can create lower water pressure, make your plumbing more prone to clogs, and even leave traces of rust in your water.

As wastewater flows through the cast iron pipe, it can dredge a channel at the base of the pipe. Wastewater will eventually create a bellied or collapsed pipe if left untreated. Grease, acidic soil, detergents and drain chemicals can all contribute to the deterioration of cast-iron pipe. Even if you make a conscious effort to avoid pouring these elements down the drain, a small percentage is unavoidable.


Not all plumbers are equipped with the machinery to perform pipe descaling. Roberts Plumbing team is capable of performing effective descaling on the pipes in your home or business.

The descaling process can be performed without excavating your yard, saving you the time and money that would be needed to repair landscaping. Before the cleaning process begins, our team conducts a sewer camera inspection to evaluate the severity of the scale and debris. The live video provides photos to be used for comparison once the descaling work is complete.

Through the trenchless process, a cable is inserted into your pipe. The cable is equipped with scrubbing tools that remove residue from the pipe walls. Once the debris is loose, any loosened material can be washed down your drain into the sewage system.


Partnering with our team to clean your Burbank pipes will do more than leave you with a better flow of water and sewage. Benefits of pipe descaling include:

  • No interruption to home or business owner while work is in progress
  • Pipes are cleared of any scaling for the next two decades after descaling process
  • An weaknesses or concerns in your plumbing will be noted once descaling is complete

Pipe descaling in Burbank is the most efficient, cost-effective way to restore cast iron pipes to their optimal performance and extend the life of the system. Contact Roberts Plumbing team today to schedule a camera inspection and determine if Burbank pipe descaling can benefit your plumbing.