Sewer Pipe Repair in Burbank, California



The vast majority of people never really give much thought to their sewer system until it has issues. How could it not when most of the Burbank, California underground was built some 50 years ago, when neither the technology nor the materials scored passing grades by today's standards. A much improved trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement method should be the only go-to today, a method that we at Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter have used and perfected since its original conception.


Half a century ago, plumbing knew a few piping materials that were thought to be great but none of which really stack up today. Cast iron is one of them, but as we've learned, in contact with water this material is prone to develop corrosion and rot under its weight. The waterproof clay was also a natural choice for sewer lines, but its brittleness meant problems with shifting grounds and root intrusion.

It took years to find that perfect material that would be sturdy enough to ward off any external issues, but also flexible enough to withstand interior corrosion. Epoxy resin is a dream come true for your sewer lines. The epoxy resin pipes we put, or rather, cure in place offer a much better and more enduring performance.


Instead of cast iron, we now have epoxy resin; instead of ripping your commercial or residential landscape apart, at Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter we have trenchless sewer line rehabilitation.

Sewer repair used to mean heavy digging to expose the pipes to be manipulated physically. You could never calculate the funds that go into the job, as the mop-up task is usually more expensive than originally calculated.

Our method, on the other hand, is called trenchless sewer pipe repair because it involves little to no digging. It is also extremely precise; instead of a guessing game, which is what more or less the traditional dig-it-out-and-think-later method amounts to. We have cameras that allow us and, consequently, you, to put eyes on the problem. If inspection shows the necessity of sewer pipe replacement in Burbank, California, we approach it in following ways.


We touched briefly on trenchless sewer pipe lining when talking about epoxy resin. The liquid material is rolled into a tube and driven right into the problematic pipe. Hardening it, we cure a pipe within the old and now obsolete sewer line. Technology we use to reline your sewer is extremely sophisticated, and can be operated only by expert plumbers.


If the original pipe is in such a mess that relining wouldn't work, we install a new PVC pipe while destroying the old in the process. This is called pipe bursting, and like sewer pipe lining, it does not require any digging except for the two access holes. It is a significantly more cost effective method when compared to the traditional way of sewer repair.


You and your Burbank, California property deserve a trouble-free sewer. To get it, you must turn to the absolute professionals in the field who have the knowledge and tools to finish any repair with ease. At Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter we are proud to serve you.