Sewer Camera Inspection in Canoga Park, California



Even though the sewer pipes in your home or business are not a visible part of the plumbing system, they play a crucial role in keeping the wastewater and sewage away from you and your home. All the water you use for your daily activities has to go somewhere, and these pipes continuously send it down to the city sewer main. However, after decades of usage, wear and tear start to happen, and the pipes might begin to leak.

Other problems that can arise on the way to the sewer main line are clogs. Soap and hair from the showers as well as food and grease from the kitchen sticks to the pipe walls and slowly build up until the water is not able to pass through anymore.

But the most frequent reason the sewer line is not able to work as it should are roots. This is a common problem in Canoga Park, as well as many other locations in California where the Spring and Summer seasons bring along hot and dry days with temperatures that can reach triple digits.

Trees and bushes get very thirsty in such weather, and their roots desperately search for any source of moisture. If they manage to reach the sewer line, they will find their way inside it through even the smallest crack or hole and keep growing. This can not only clog the pipe but also damage it, and sometimes the damage is so severe that the pipe will need to be replaced.


Before this technology was available, whenever a sewer line failed it would have to be dug out to inspect and repair it. Most plumbers would make an educated guess about the location of the problem, and the pipe would be taken out. The issue here is that most of the times it took several tries before the damaged pipe section was found, which made this a costly endeavor.

Today we use tiny video cameras to pinpoint the exact location of a problem. These cameras are sent into the sewer line and have a light that shines into the dark pipes, and are controlled remotely by our specialists. As the camera wiggles its way deeper into the pipes it sends a live video feed. The operator watches everything that is happening in the sewer line and identifies current problems, as well as potential issues that need to be taken care of before they cause any harm.

Clogs, collapsed or broken pipes, tree roots, cracks and holes, and many other problems are quickly discovered with this tool, which lets us provide an accurate diagnostic of the sewer line’s condition, as well as design a rehabilitation plan to make it work again as it should.


If you’d like to schedule a sewer camera inspection in Canoga Park, California, just pick up the phone and give us a call at (818) 798-9536. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured business and our professionals have the training and equipment required to diagnose and repair any problem with your sewer line.