Sewer Repair and Drain Cleaning Canyon Country, California



Sewer system maintenance is often pushed to the side due to the fear of time, money, and frustrations that will be spent on the process of getting into the pipes. With the development of trenchless technologies, this is no longer the case. Professionals such as The Northridge Plumber are helping customers in Canyon Country, California and beyond every day with these new advancements and technologies. Sewer repairs and drain cleanings take less than a day to complete with our methods and will leave your system in such good shape that it will last you for years and decades to come.


Sewer repairs and replacements are major investments and can overwhelm anyone who is presented with this issue without preparation or a heads up. Thankfully, trenchless options are available and make the process as simple and pain-free as it can possibly be. Repair options are done internally with no-dig solutions that allow us to leave your property in tiptop shape when we are finished as opposed to the traditional excavation processes that used to be the only way to get the job done.

There are various repair options available. There are Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining options, which involves relining the inside of the current pipes with a durable liner that forms a new pipe inside the old one. There’s another option that involves breaking a section of an old pipe and dragging in a new pipe as that old one is burst apart and distributed into the soil. All the options that are available are time savers and cost effective. And most importantly, they produce the an even higher quality of work than a traditional method would.


Repairs can’t be done before a proper cleaning takes place to see the issues clearly. Drain cleanings are recommended annually to ensure that your pipes are not destroyed by invasive tree roots or toxins from buildup that sits within the pipes for too long. Thanks to trenchless technologies, drain cleanings are faster and easier than ever. Our technicians are able to access the pipes through access points that already exist in your system. Our flexible hoses make it easy to maneuver through the twists and turns of any system. Worried about the size and make of the pipes? We have nozzles and hoses in various sizes to accommodate any size pipe and make that we work with.

When hydro jetting, the specialized nozzles are the real tools that make this process so successful. The nozzles are designed to spray water in all directions at the same time, touching every part of the pipe evenly and giving attention to each area. The water is blasted out in a strong stream, with its full force coming out at speeds of 4000 PSI - enough pressure to cut through tree roots and blockages like a knife. The best part is that all that is loosened and washed away goes straight down the pipes and into the city’s main sewer, leaving the pipes spotless and clear for water and debris to pass through.

Call The Northridge Plumber for your next sewer repair or drain cleaning appointment. No other company in Canyon Country is as knowledgeable and experience in trenchless technologies than the professionals at Northridge.