Sewer Repair In Encino, California



Our team in Encino, California is expertly trained in handling our customers’ properties and ensuring safe, effective plumbing techniques that are long lasting and reliable. At Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter, we are committed to providing high quality service at affordable rates. We value our customers in the Encino community and have been happy to service the Southern California area for over 20 years.

Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter offer many services that can benefit the functionality and stability of your plumbing. Especially for commercial and residential properties, sewer systems are an essential component to properly maintaining a home or business’ drains, pipes, and appliances. Our experienced technicians are well trained in assessing sewage overflow as well as in sewer repairs and replacements.


Our technicians in Encino take pride in professionally and properly repairing sewer pipes by taking the necessary precautions in proactively maintaining your property’s plumbing. With years of experience in servicing the cities of Southern California, Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter is able to install drain and sewage cleanouts for any property. We encourage our customers to install these cleanouts so that it is easier to access your pipes in case further repair work or replacements need to be provided. Some of these services include hydro jetting, sewer camera inspections, and cable snaking. All of these are reliable resources in promoting a strong and healthy sewer system.


One of the services we provide in Encino is pipe coating and pipe lining. Both of these services are ways to maintain and repair sewer pipes that could be cracked, burst, or broken. We recommend our customers to schedule a sewer camera inspection in order to detect any of these issues early on, before they become worse. After our team is able to assess any damage, we proceed to determine whether pipe coating or pipe lining is the better alternative for your specific plumbing problem. Here are some of the advantages of pipe coating that the process of pipe lining does not offer.

  • Internal and External Coverage
  • No Risk of Blocking Other Pipes
  • Less Failure than Pipe Liners Collapsing
  • Accurate Measurements with Relation to Main City Sewage Systems


Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter not only takes pride in providing professional service but in also protecting the environment. In addition to trenchless plumbing methods, we offer services like hydro jetting, pipe coating, and smoke testing that are all chemical free and affordable solutions to keep your drains clean and your sewer pipes reliably functioning. If you are having issues with water pressure, odors, or even sewage leaks, then trust our professionals in Encino to fix the problem at its source. Hydro jetting is a great example of how to defend your pipes from liabilities like potential fissures and bursts. By streaming high pressurized water into your pipes, we guarantee that any blockages or debris will be removed and that your drains will function more efficiently and properly. This technique also ensures less risk of having to repair or replace your sewer system.