Sewer & Drain Pipe Descaling Glendale, CA




Pipe descaling is the most efficient, cost-effective way to restore your cast iron pipes to their optimal performance. Iron pipes can last for 60 to 75 years with routine pipe cleaning maintenance. Roberts Plumbing offers Glendale pipe descaling for both homes and businesses. Make sure to contact our team to see how descaling your pipes today may help make them more efficient and longer-lasting in the future.

The pipe descaling process scrubs the corrosion from the inner pipe walls so it can be flushed through the sewer system. A cable with a tool fixed on the end is used to scrape away the years of mineral buildup and debris that has accumulated over time. Although hydro jetting is an excellent solution for some, pipe descaling is much gentler on older plumbing systems. Roberts Plumbing’s experienced team will conduct a thorough inspection at first to make sure that the solution we are providing is the right one for your property.


Pipe descaling in Glendale requires advanced equipment that not all plumbers include in their service materials. Roberts Plumbing team is capable of performing effective descaling on the pipes in your home or business thanks to our years of experience. On top of that, the sewer line descaling cost is optimized because of our expertise.

Before the descaling process begins, our team conducts a sewer camera inspection to evaluate the severity of the scale and debris buildup. The live video provides images that can be used to draw comparisons once the descaling work is complete. Through this trenchless process, a cable simply needs to be inserted into your pipe. The cable is equipped with scrubbing tools that remove residue from the pipe walls. Once the debris is loose, it’s washed into the sewer. The descaling process can also be performed without excavating your yard, avoiding the additional money and time needed to complete landscaping restoration.


Over time, the iron pipes develop rust and corrosion due to constant contact with moisture. As the deterioration progresses, the scale builds up inside the pipe. The build-up can create lower water pressure, make your plumbing more prone to clogs, and lead to corrosion. Scale ultimately makes your pipes more susceptible to common plumbing problems that people experience with older, aging pipes.


Partnering with the team at Roberts Plumbing to clean your Glendale pipes will do more than leave you with a better flow of water and waste. Benefits of pipe descaling include:

  • No interruption to home or business owner while work is in progress
  • Pipes are cleared of any scale or debris that may be causing clogs
  • Descaling will reveal any potential concerns or issues before they become costly repairs

Pipe descaling in Glendale is the most efficient, cost-effective way to restore your pipes to their optimal performance and extend the life of the system. Contact Roberts Plumbing today to schedule a camera inspection and determine if pipe descaling in Glendale can benefit your plumbing.