Sewer Repair and Drain Cleaning Glendale, California



Remember the days when repairing your sewer pipes required excavation? This involved digging up the ground to get to the area in which the pipes were located. While certain tools allowed professionals to locate where the pipes were for precise digging that followed the path of the system, it didn’t prevent the digging itself, which complicated owners’ lives in Glendale, California and added renovation expenses once the work was complete.

Those days are over with the introduction of trenchless technologies. The word trenchless means exactly what it says - no need for the use of digging large trenches to access the pipes. Now, everything from cleanings and pipe replacements can be done inside the pipes without accessing the exterior of the pipes at all. Here at The Northridge Plumbing we are proud users of all forms of trenchless technologies to help our customers get the best experiences and the fastest fixes.


Drain cleanings are the first step in any sewer repair. We have to be able to see the pipes clearly to make the best assessments of what fix or maintenance would be best to use. A hard-hitting form of cleaning is the hydro jetting method. This high-pressurized water option blasts away debris and buildup that is left in pipes from over the months or years of use. The 4000 PSI water speed cuts through tree roots and blockages and washes them away, leaving clear pipes for us to evaluate and inspect.

Before heading to the sewer repair options, we perform an inspection that allows us to see the pipes first hand using a high-definition camera that is pushed through the drains. This camera picks up photos and videos of the inside of the pipes and allows the technicians to determine exactly where the problem areas are and know how far to go when performing the work that is selected as the fixing method. This helps residents and business owners save money if an issue is found at an early stage because it can be resolved before it becomes something worse over time.


Northridge Plumbing specializes in trenchless sewer repair options. Signs that you may be due for a repair or replacement include continuous clogging, slow draining water, foul smelling odors, and sewage backup. There are many options for sewer repairs. If there is a bad portion of your system, it can be replaced with the pipe bursting method, which breaks up the old pipe first with a specialized head and then pulls a new pipe into its place where it is secured to the existing pipes. If the entire system is failing, a sewer lining method could be best. This is the use of a durable liner that is filled with an epoxy resin solution and pushed through the old pipes. Once it’s in place, steam fills the liner and an inflatable device expands and pushes the liner to form again the old pipes. Once it hardens, the entire system is relined and left brand new. The liner serves as a new pipe and is durable enough to last more than 50 years.

If you’re in the Glendale, CA area and need a replacement, repair, cleaning, or inspection, trust your services to The Northridge Plumber and give us a call today to schedule an appointment!