Sewer Repair In Granada Hills, California



The sewer system at your residential, commercial, and or industrial property in Granada Hills, California and surrounding areas may very well be near or at the end of its expected lifecycle. This is due to the fact that up until approximately forty years ago the sewer pipe manufacturers used materials that simply do not last. If you find yourself in this situation the good news is that there are now multiple sewer repair choices available to you. Although a great deal of plumbing companies continue to perform the traditional excavation method, trenchless sewer repair procedures were invented just about fifteen years ago.

Plumbing companies have been incorporating the use of heavy-duty excavation equipment in order to repair or replace sewer pipes since the machinery was invented close to seventy-five years ago. It requires digging a large and damaging trench that goes along the length and depth of the sewer pipeline. Depending on where your home, place of business, or investment property is situated on the lot of land the sewer pipeline can run for hundreds of feet. The trench destroys anything and everything in its path including your lawn, flowers, shrubs, mulch beds, trees, driveway, walkway, sidewalk, patio, and or parking lot.

The plumbing company must dig the trench in order to physically expose the sewer pipes for repair or replacement. The process can take multiple weeks by the time the trench is excavated, the necessary repairs or pipe replacement is made, and the trench is filled back in with dirt. In addition, the property owner is responsible for having the landscaping and hardscaping that was destroyed in the process replaced. This of course adds even more time and expense to the project.

As mentioned above, trenchless sewer repair methods were invented approximately fifteen years ago. They rely on advances in plumbing technology as opposed to a large and destructive trench. That means that there is very little excavation required. In fact, only one or two small access points are needed in order to reach the sewer pipeline for repair or replacement.

Since the sewer pipes do not need to be physically exposed in order to complete the work your landscaping and hardscaping will remain intact during the process. Trenchless sewer repair techniques also save you a great deal of money and time. The entire job can be completed from start to finish in as little as one day, and it costs just about fifty-percent less than the traditional excavation method as well.

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