Hydro Jetting In Porter Ranch, California




If the drainpipes at your residential, commercial, and or industrial property are not cleaned on a regular basis than it can lead to serious issues with the sewer system. There are many items that go down the sink drains, shower drains, and tub drains on a daily basis that when allowed to build up over time end up clogging the system. For example food grease, food particles, hair, and oily residue from soap and shampoo are some of the leading culprits. They tend to cling to the drainpipes walls along with water scales to form small blockages that eventually grow into larger clogs.

This can result in sink, shower, and tub drains that are slow to drain or stop draining entirely. It can also affect the toilets in a negative way since they are technically drains as well. In a worst-case scenario the drainpipes will become blocked to the point that it backs up the system. This is the stage in which raw sewage, wastewater, and waste materials can actually flood into your home, place of business, or investment property through the toilets, sink drains, shower drains, and tub drains. That is a dangerous, disgusting, and hazardous mess that can certainly be avoided.

The most efficient way to clean the drainpipes is with hydro jetting equipment. That being said it is a sophisticated piece of machinery that should only be used by a professional that has the proper training and field experience. Never attempt to hydro jet the drainpipes and sewer system yourself as it can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the pipes. In essence the hydro jetting machine sprays multiple gallons per minute of highly pressurized water into the drainpipes and sewer pipes through a previously established access point such as a drain cleanout.

If used correctly the water completely removes the buildup of debris within the pipes and anything clinging to the pipe walls. A professional plumbing technician will know exactly how much pressure to use and how many gallons per minute to spray based on the drainpipe and sewer pipes current condition, age, and the materials the pipes are made of. If too little water pressure is used it will not effectively clean the pipes. However, if too much water pressure is used it can cause slight cracks to appear in the pipes. Over time these slight cracks will grow larger until the point that the drainpipes and or sewer pipes will need a major repair or even a complete replacement.

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