Water Heater In Porter Ranch, California



Robert’s Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter is the team to call when you’re in need of Porter Ranch water heater repair or replacement. Our professional and courteous technicians work with advanced equipment that allows them to work on different types of water heaters. Whether you’re installing a tankless unit in your home or it’s time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient unit, our team will carefully meet your needs. Porter Ranch water heater installation and repair with Robert’s Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter is the best way to save energy and money.


The lifespan of your water heater will depend on the type of unit in your home. Routine water heater maintenance will help extend the life of the unit, no matter the style. Most traditional tank water heaters are designed to last for 10 to 12 years, but with proper care, you can likely extend the life of the unit. Porter Ranch tankless water heater maintenance can help the unit last up to 20 years.

Each type of water heater requires routine maintenance that should be performed by plumbing professionals to ensure your unit runs smoothly. Tank water heaters should be emptied once each year to release the sediment buildup so the water can heat more quickly without using so much energy. Tankless water heaters are prone to scale buildup. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians to clear the scale from the water heater.


Ongoing use and age will cause any type of water heater to deteriorate over time. While a yearly inspection will help the unit run more efficiently, there are warning signs that your need water heater maintenance: * Brown water: Corrosion and rust develop in steel water heaters. That rust can get into your water, creating a red or brown tint. * Cracks: If a hot water is cracked or has visible dents, you’ll want to call Robert’s Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter right away. Cracks can quickly turn into small leaks, which can damage your home. * Limited hot water: A high level of sediment build up in your tank will cause a limited supply of hot water and take much longer for hot water to become available. * Strange sounds: Loud clangs or bangs from your water heater suggest the unit is working too hard to heat the water, which could be caused by sediment buildup. Our technicians can help you decide if Porter Ranch water heater repair or replacement is needed.


Advanced training and equipment used by the skilled technicians at Robert’s Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter allow the team to work on any style of water heater in your home. Whether you have a solar water heater positioned on your roof or in your yard or an aging tank water heater that may be ready for an upgrade, our technicians can help. We also repair and replace tankless water heater units as well as heat pump water heaters. We use a transparent approach with each project. If a repair is a better fit than replacing your water heater, that’s what we recommend. We’ll explain the damage and necessary repairs so you’re comfortable with our modifications.


Your Porter Ranch water heater is in good hands with Robert’s Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter. Our technicians will repair the unit and have your home running comfortably again in no time. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment.