Gas Pipe Installations and Repairs in San Fernando Valley, California


Suspected gas leaks are serious situations. Both natural gas (methane) and propane gas (liquefied petroleum gas) have additives that produce a sulfur-ish or rotten eggs odor. If you notice this type of smell it is time to take action immediately.

Ventilate and evacuate your building. If you are able, shut off the gas from either the appliance or the gas meter. Each gas appliance should have a shut off lever between the appliance and the wall. If you can reach the lever, you may need a wrench to turn it. The outdoor natural gas meter has a main home line shut off valve. The valve is on the pipe running from the ground to the meter. The valve is usually 6-8 inches above the ground. You will need a large wrench to turn the valve.

When the gas is on, the valve is running parallel with the pipe. To switch the valve off, turn it ¼ to the right or left. The valve will then be crosswise with the pipe and the gas will be shut off. Do not turn the natural gas back on by yourself. Propane gas tanks have an easier lever fashioned shut off valve on the pipe near where the pipe enters the home. To shut off the propane gas, this lever is also turned ¼ so that it is crosswise with the pipe. Do not turn your propane gas back on by yourself.

Call Northridge Plumber. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured. We are up to date with all of southern California’s local and state codes regarding gas pipe installations and repairs. Our owner, Robert, has over 32 years of experience installing and repairing natural and propane gas lines. When you call you will be speaking with Robert. You are as likely to meet Robert as you are one of the company’s technicians at your appointment. Robert still makes house calls. Our company was started over 25 years ago and Robert has always been at the helm. Rest assured that our owner approves all of our expert and dedicated staff. Our entire team is proud to serve the San Fernando Valley, California area.

Northridge Plumber recommends regular maintenance as the best way to prevent gas leaks and all the disruption and concern they create. The Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) is only responsible for the gas natural gas lines up to your meter. You are responsible for maintaining all the gas lines from your meter through the inside of your home.

You are also responsible for the same lines from your propane tank. We can recommend an inspection and maintenance schedule that will ensure your gas lines are working properly. Pressure tests are part of our scheduled inspection. These tests confirm that no gas leaks exist. Properly working gas lines keep you worry free.

If you do not already have one, Northridge also strongly recommends that you install an earthquake shut off valve. Should an earthquake above 5.1 occur this valve will automatically shut off the gas coming into your home and protect you and nearby neighbors from a gas leak and possible corresponding fire. This is especially important at a time when emergency response resources will be taxed the most. Contact us here to learn more about these valves.