Sewer Repair and Drain Cleaning Saugus, California



Almost all home and business owners are faced with sewer issues at some point. While no time is a good time to need sewer repair or maintenance, trenchless technologies allow for easy, no-dig solutions and fast turnaround times to keep your life running smoothly even when your plumbing isn’t. Northridge Plumbing brings these advanced solutions to the Saugus, CA area and beyond and are your go-to professionals for your sewer repair and drain cleaning solutions.


Sewer pipe bursting options allow us to completely remove an old and very damaged pipe while we make room for the new incoming pipe. This is usually the method of choice when there is one target area that is failing and has severe damage. To accomplish it, a specialized bursting head is fed through the pipe. As the head passes through the line, it explodes the pipe into pieces and distributes the old pipe’s waste into the surrounding soil. Once this is complete, the new pipe is pulled through the designated section. It is then fastened into place to join along with the existing pipe and, once put into place, it leaves a new, fluent section without the need to dig up your property.


When pipes are able to be treated and used as a molding form for a new pipe, this is referred to as cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP). This process involves leaving the old system in place and using it as an outer shell to a new pipe that will form inside the old one. First the sewer system is cleaned thoroughly. This can be done using a method such as hydro jetting, which involves highly-pressurized water blasting cleaning the pipes and stripping away any debris or corrosion. This gives us a clean slate to work with. We then inspect the pipes using a sewer camera inspection, which allows us to ensure that your a proper candidate for this type of replacement method.

Our CIPP lining then begins. We start by cutting a piece of the liner that is exactly the length of your sewer system and area that is being relined. Once that’s ready, it’s laid out and filled with an epoxy resin solution, which is what will eventually form the new inner lining of your pipe. The solution is evenly distributed and smoothed out inside the liner. We then push the liner throughout the system and place it perfectly. It hardens and molds to the inside of the older pipes and forms a brand new sewer system in one service visit. This entire process from the inspection, cleaning, and replacement, can all be done in a day’s work.


If you’re in Southern California and are in need of a repair or cleaning, Northridge Plumbing is your trusted professional. We offer these trenchless solutions to clients in Saugus and beyond which are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and a quick fix that lasts for years to come.