Sewer Camera Inspection Sherman Oaks, California



Pipes slowly wear away during constant use. In time, your Sherman Oaks property will have a faulty pipe that could present you with a variety of plumbing problems. Roots could get into the cracks and seams and choke up your sewer lines; toilets could back up because of accumulated debris. The pipes can crack, leak, corrode or collapse due to a number of environmental and natural reasons.

Digging up land and relying on guesswork is just too messy and time-consuming. Thankfully, there’s a sewer camera inspection Sherman Oaks California, brought to you by Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter. Don’t you think your property deserves the best kind of sewer maintenance that doesn’t cost as much time and money?


Our professional technicians always start the inspection process by combining the latest CCTV camera equipment to a flexible fiber optic line. The contraption is then fed through any open manhole onto your sewer system in an effort to find the source of the problem. The flexible line allows the camera to navigate down the whole length of the system, through bends and turns and in deep segments. The camera sends a live video feed that’s displayed on a mobile device or a computer monitor.

The video will eventually show what kind of issue you’re dealing with:

Pipe Blockages

Minerals from water stick to the pipe’s interior and build up over time. Household items, soap residue, grease, hair and other items get flushed down drains and toilets and block up your sewer system. Roots can find sustenance through the cracks and take up residence inside your pipes.

Leaking Joints

Leaks can be annoying when you’re trying to get some sleep, but over time they can do much more damaged if left unchecked. The seals that connect pipe sections wear out, which can happen anywhere- under slabs, foundations or inside your property’s walls.

Broken Pipes

Natural occurrences of ground movement and shifting soil can break the pipes apart and cause havoc to your sewer system. Corroded pipes can collapse one day and cause a massive disruption. The more sub-standard the piping material, the sooner this will happen.


Need the fastest and the most non-disruptive method for knowing if your sewer lines are in trouble? A camera inspection is the solution you’re looking for. Here are some quick benefits you can get out of sewer camera inspection:

  • 100 percent accurate diagnosis
  • Money-saving and efficient method
  • Locates sewer issues quickly without any digging
  • Future reference for a much faster sewer system maintenance

Once our qualified technicians get the whole picture, then the right course of action can be determined.

The Northridge Plumber Hydro Jet & Rooter has the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology to bring Sherman Oaks residents and business owners the best and the most accurate sewer inspection diagnosis available.

Ask for our proven trenchless technologies that can repair your broken sewer lines in just one day! The no-dig solution ensures you won’t experience any similar problem with the same pipe for a good 50 years or so.