Sewer & Drain Pipe Descaling Sherman Oaks, CA



Roberts Plumbing team makes it our mission to completely eliminate decades of buildup and blockages with our line of high-quality Sherman Oaks pipe descaling services. Pipe descaling is the most efficient, cost-effective way to restore your cast iron pipes to their optimal performance. With pipe cleaning maintenance, iron pipes can last for 60 to 75 years. Homes and businesses can benefit from stronger water and waste flow after the descaling process. Prevent blockages and extensive damage by having our professional team descale your pipes.

During the pipe descaling process, a cable with specialized scrubbing materials is sent through the pipe. The cable rotates to ensure the buildup on every portion of the pipe is eliminated. Descaling is much safer on cast iron that may have been weakened from corrosion than forceful hydro jetting cleaning. The pipe descaling process scrubs the corrosion from the inner pipe walls so it can be flushed through the sewer system.


Iron naturally develops rust and corrosion after years of contact with moisture. As the deterioration progresses, the scale builds up inside the pipe. The build up makes your plumbing more prone to severe blockages, creates lower water pressure, and can shorten the life of your system.

As wastewater flows through the cast iron pipe, it can dredge a channel at the base of the pipe. Wastewater will eventually create a bellied or collapsed pipe if left untreated. Grease, acidic soil, detergents, and drain chemicals can all contribute to the deterioration of cast-iron pipe. Even if you make a conscious effort to avoid pouring these elements down the drain, a small percentage is unavoidable.



Partnering with the Roberts Plumbing team to clean your Sherman Oaks pipes will do more than leave you with a better flow of water and sewage. Before the descaling process begins, our team conducts a sewer camera inspection to evaluate the severity of the scale and debris build up. The live video allows our experienced technicians to see any specific problem areas, ensure each area is descaled thoroughly, and give you a before and after view of our work. The descaling process can be performed without excavating your yard, avoiding the additional money and time needed to complete landscaping restoration.


  • No interruption to home or business owner while work is in progress
  • Pipes are cleared of any scaling for the next two decades after descaling process
  • Verify that there aren’t any future concerns in your plumbing system

Pipe descaling in Sherman Oaks is the most efficient, cost-effective way to restore cast iron pipes to their optimal performance and extend the life of the system.


If you experience back surges of dirty water in your sinks or tub, it may be time for descaling services. Also take note of foul odors coming your drains and slow draining tubs and laundry lines.

If your cast iron pipes have never been cleaned or it has been several years since they were last cleared, contact our friendly team today to schedule your appointment. The technicians at Roberts Plumbing will explain your options and develop a plumbing maintenance plan best suited for your home or business. Contact Roberts Plumbing today to schedule a camera inspection and determine if pipe descaling can benefit your Sherman Oaks pipes.