Drain Cleaning in Studio City, CA




Clogged drains can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system. What starts as a simple inconvenience can quickly turn into a severe issue if it is not dealt with, so keeping the drains clean is crucial if you want to have the toilets flushing and the sinks draining as they should.

But even if you haven’t noticed any problems with your plumbing, deep inside the pipes there could be debris stuck to the walls and slowly building up. If it is not removed, sooner or later it will slow down the water flow until it stops completely. Regular drain cleaning is not a service many homeowners take seriously in Studio City, and that is why clogs and blockages happen.

You might be tempted to clean the drains by yourself, but most of the time you will just be wasting money and effort. Those chemical cleaners you find at the local hardware store are caustic and can burn your skin if they are not handled correctly. They can also damage the pipes, especially if they are old or brittle. Drain cleaning should be done by a professional, and at Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter we are always here to help.

Common clogs around the house

Toilets â€“  Many of the calls we get in Studio City are to fix a toilet that refuses to flush. Unfortunately, some homeowners treat their toilet as a trash can and flush away items that can easily get stuck in the pipes. Disposable wipes, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts and dental floss are some examples of things you should never send down the drain.

Kitchen sinks â€“ Oil and grease solidifies as it cools down inside the pipes, turning into a sticky glob that traps any food bits that pass by and building up until it restricts the water flow.

Showers and bathtubs â€“ Hair, soap scum, dirt, and skin flakes can get stuck in the crevices of the pipes, also causing clogs and slowing down the water.

Forget about chemical cleaners

Instead of harmful cleaners that fill the air with fumes, we use just water. This eco-friendly process for drain cleaning is known as hydro jetting and is the most recommended technique to get rid of clogs while cleaning the pipes at the same time.

To perform this technique, we attach a special nozzle to a high-pressure hose. As it moves along the pipe, it blasts the clog with a steady stream of water that is powerful enough to cut through tree roots and other tough blockages.

The water stream also removes any debris stuck to the pipe walls, getting rid of all the build up that could eventually clog the pipe again and flushing it into the city’s sewer main. This drain cleaning technique is not only a remedy but also a preventive measure. It is a versatile solution that can be applied to clean all sizes of pipes, and our staff is very familiar with this method and can get the drains in your property flowing again.

Whether you are experiencing problems with your drains, or just want to keep them in top shape, contact us today and schedule a visit. Drain cleaning is something we have plenty of experience with, and our staff will make sure the pipes are free of obstructions to keep the wastewater flowing down the drains as it should.