Sewer Repair in Studio City, CA



Keeping the sewer line in your property in good condition can be the difference between having the toilets flush properly or having water overflow and flood the bathroom. The pipes that carry all that waste away from your home and send it to the water treatment facilities can get damaged or obstructed for several reasons, and these are some of the most frequent ones:

Tree root intrusion â€“ The warm weather of Studio City, combined with drought seasons, can make tree roots desperately search for any water source, and the sewer is a perfect environment for them to thrive in. Not only is water easily accessible, but there are also plenty of nutrients that will nourish the roots and let them grow until they either block the water flow or cause too much stress on the pipes, eventually cracking or bursting them.

Loose pipe joints â€“ This is also common in Studio City because we are located in an area well known for its seismic activity. Every day hundreds of tiny earthquakes occur, and even though most of them are not noticeable, the ground where the pipes are buried in can shift and cause the joints between them to become loose, leaking water into the soil.

Cracks, holes and broken pipe sections â€“ Every pipe has a life expectancy, and as they age, they are more prone to become cracked or to break. Some materials, like cast-iron, will corrode and wash away as time passes, leaving pipe sections that need to be patched or replaced.

Identifying the problem

Nothing is more important than knowing exactly what the problem is and where it is located. This can be difficult to do when we are talking about a sewer line that is buried underneath your lawn, patio, or driveway. Fortunately, we now we have technology that lets us inspect the pipes with practically no digging involved. Sewer cameras travel inside the line and send a live video feed to a monitor above ground so the operator can know precisely what is wrong and decide the best way to fix it.

Solving the problem

Once a proper diagnostic has been prepared, we can move on to fixing the problem. Clogs, root intrusion, and other obstructions can be removed with high-pressure water streams that flush away the debris. Broken, cracked, and damaged sewer pipes can be repaired by using a liner that seals its interior surface, acting as a pipe within the pipe and stopping leaks in their tracks. It can even replace pipe sections that are broken or extremely damaged.

We are one phone call away

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