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Drain Cleaning Van Nuys, California


Clogged drains don’t just happen in the kitchen sink or the shower drain. It could also happen in the toilet, the bath tub and the garbage disposal. Expert technicians advise against using drain cleaning solutions, snakes or plungers which can only make things worse.

Instead of attempting a DIY approach, call for professional drain cleaning Van Nuys California specialists, courtesy of Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter. Our company utilizes only the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology such as video camera inspections and hydrojetting.

Finding The Cause

We first assess the situation using visual methods. Your blocked drainpipes will be inspected using a high-tech CCTV camera that’s attached to a flexible fiber optic rod. As it stands, this process is the best possible method in figuring out the exact cause of your drain issues.

Our drain technicians will first determine if the clogs are caused by an accumulation of grime and grease. Possible root intrusion will be checked. Bellied pipes, badly-corroded pipes and collapsed lines are just some of the most serious plumbing issues you’ll have to face.

Business establishments that have clogged drains will most likely have more drain issues than residential properties. The camera inspection reveals it all- whether you have a major drain issue or not.

At that point our professional technicians will have a visual confirmation of what the drain problem is. If it’s a simple blocked pipe, we’d normally make use of an auger or the hydrojetting process. For the more serious ones, we’d recommend the latest trenchless technologies that will repair or replace your pipe, making it last for more than 50 years. CCTV inspection is a good preventative practice as it will allow homeowners and business owners to see small problems before they become a huge disaster.

Drain Cleaning by Hydrojetting

Our specialty is using available methods to completely free your pipes of blockages, debris and roots, restoring the flow and making your pipe good as new. The hydrojetting process eliminates stubborn calcified deposits, leftover debris, scale, rust and dirt out the sewer system.

Years and years of use can cause build-ups that aren’t good for your sewer system. Using drain cleaning solutions and snakes will just cause a temporary fix, but sooner or later the problem comes back.

Hydrojetting is a green solution that uses natural water at a highly pressurized rate. A specialized equipment churns out the water pressure at 4000 psi down your problem pipes. Any and all obstructions, calcified matter and household items that are stuck get dislodged and exit the pipes. Your pipes are cleaner and flow is naturally improved after the process.

Hiring the best Van Nuys plumbing company makes the experience better while saving you thousands of dollars down the road. Unscrupulous companies may try to convince you to replace your entire sewer line when all you need is a good hydrojet cleaning!

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The Northridge Plumber Hydro Jet & Rooter has been around for years, serving delighted customers with our level of service, honesty and efficiency. Call us today and experience drain cleaning like no other!

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