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Trenchless Piping Lining Van Nuys, California


There is the charm of old houses, and there is the convenience of new houses. Balancing the two is Van Nuys, a town founded in 1911 in the San Fernando Valley.

With people looking towards the “Forgotten Neighborhood” for a low cost housing option, it makes sense to touch on one of the key points of consideration when renting / buying such property. Whether you’re buying an early 1920s historic house in the Katherine Avenue area or looking for something around Sepulveda Boulevard, you’d do well to pay attention to the plumbing and get any maintenance done timely.

Opting for trenchless piping

The pipes in a house can make or break a deal, and if you’re thinking of going for a house that needs some re-do in this area, the best bet is opting for trenchless piping, which is a relatively new way of repairing/laying down new pipes without the major expense and upheaval required. If you own the house you are having the plumbing fixed in, trenchless plumbing will be the best option for you.

What is trenchless piping?

As the name suggests, trenchless pipe lining is the process of laying down new pipes without having to dig up an entire property looking for the plumbing network and searching for the spots where repair/replacement is needed.

How does it work?

This is specialized field with skilled workers coming in with a CC camera. This camera is sent into the plumbing system of a house from a small hole dug in the ground to access a main pipe joint. When the camera is maneuvered around the entire system, the plumbers get an exact idea of what is wrong, at which spot and how to fix it. Depending on what the specialists see, a call is made to repair or replace the plumbing. A tool is sent into the piping to clean up years of scum, random gunk and tree roots that may be invading the plumbing.

Repairing the damaged plumbing:

Once the pipes are cleaned, a resin pipe is threaded through the existing ones to line them. This is known as pipe lining and is best for a network of pipes with minimal damage.

Replacing the damaged plumbing:

For plumbing with irreparable damage, a “head” is used break the old pipes and new ones are laid in their place, again made with resin.

Why should you opt for trenchless piping?

Trenchless piping a great idea for many reasons.Apart from the fact that the resin, once set is stronger than concrete, trenchless pipe lining does not create a major excavation project on your property. Just as importantly, it is much cheaper than traditional work of the same magnitude. Repair and replacement is done within hours with this method and the entire process is eco-friendly too!

If you needed any other reason to be convinced, trenchless plumbing is done at a fraction of the cost of traditional pipe replacement. For a quote on trenchless piping in the Van Nuys area, call The Northridge Plumber on 818-298-1344.

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