How Sewer Camera Inspections Work

Whether you’re having major repairs or routine maintenance performed on your plumbing system, Roberts Plumbing is here to help with the most cutting-edge technology available today. A crucial part of any plumbing work, regardless of its severity, is a sewer camera inspection. We’re here to answer your questions about what they are, how they work, and why they’re so important!

The Skinny: How They Work

All techniques used at Roberts Plumbing are designed to be minimally invasive, and our sewer camera inspections are no exception. Prior to conducting any plumbing system work in your home, one of our system engineers will utilize the camera to accurately identify the problem, as well as find its location and the extent of damage. A small, high-definition camera is sent into your pipe by a technician, who obtains clear photos of your pipes. The camera is removed, and a Roberts Plumbing engineer will pinpoint the nature of your issue using its footage and discuss best possible solutions with you.

As this process provides the exact location of your pipe’s damage, messy and time-consuming guesswork is removed from the equation. Our trenchless technology allows repairs to occur underneath the ground (even under the foundation of your house) without removing the existing pipe; camera inspections are integral in making this process possible, as it diagnoses the problem without first digging up sections of pipe in your yard, or knocking holes in the walls of your home.

Are You Considering the Purchase of a New Home?

Though Roberts Plumbing engineers use sewer camera inspections as a diagnostic tool prior to repairs, there are reasons why you might order a camera inspection with no known plumbing issues at all.

New home inspections, required by law to be performed before the sale of any building or house, are overall very thorough but do not include an in-depth examination of the plumbing. A camera inspection, ordered by the prospective buyer, could uncover nasty surprises in the form of: elderly plumbing in need of replacement, deeply clogged pipes, tree roots growing into your plumbing, or even more serious damage, like corroded pipe sections or severe leaks. The purchase of a new home is already a monumental cost for most families – adding extensive plumbing repair costs just after moving in could be catastrophic!

Regular maintenance and plumbing check-ups are another good reason for camera inspections. Keeping your home maintained prevents serious damage, and saves your wallet over time. Give Roberts Plumbing a call today to set up your regular maintenance schedule, and to learn more about our sewer camera inspections!