Toilet Installation: DIY vs Hiring a Professional

When it comes to installing a toilet, many homeowners face the decision of whether to tackle the project themselves or hire a professional. While some DIY enthusiasts may jump at the chance to save money by doing the installation themselves, others may prefer the peace of mind that comes with leaving it to a certified plumber in Woodland Hills, CA.

Let Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter help you weigh your options by sharing their pros and cons:


If you have the knowledge and skills and have completed a similar project in the past, opting for DIY toilet installation can save you money on labor costs. It will also work in your favor if you have enough time, from researching the type of toilet to purchase to the final seals and touches.

However, you should consider the potential drawbacks. If you aren’t familiar with plumbing, it’s easy to make mistakes, causing leaks and other issues down the line, not to mention violating building codes. Furthermore, you might not have the proper tools and equipment a reliable plumbing company already has to complete the installation.


When you turn to an expert to install your toilet, you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t run into costly problems in the long run. That is because they have the training and experience to install your toilet right the first time. They can spot underlying issues like leaks, broken pipes, and mold growth before installation and perform the required plumbing repairs, ensuring your new toilet works smoothly.

While you will need to spend labor and installation costs, it will pay off in the end. Be sure to hire a licensed and insured technician so that you won’t be liable should something goes wrong during plumbing services.

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