The Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Pipes Are Leaking & Need To Be Fixed

Leaking pipes can be dangerous. If it is a gas leak through the pipes, it can even be deadly. Being able to tell if there is a leak in the piping system can be essential to ensuring the efficiency and quality of the system. Pipes will give warning signs before they burst so you are able to get professional help before you are left with an emergency. The top five warning signs that your pipes are leaking and need to be fixed are:

  1. If there is not as much coming out of the pipes as there once was, it may be an indicator that there is a leak. If when you turn on the faucet, there is just a small drizzle of water, there may be something wrong and there may be a compromise to the system.
  2. If you can hear water running somewhere, it probably is. If there are no people showering or doing the dishes, and yet you still can hear the system, this may be a sign that there is a leaky pipe.
  3. Pay attention to your bills. They should be consistent. If there is suddenly a spike in how much you are paying for water, there may be a leak.
  4. If there are wet spots in areas no one spilled something in, or if you smell mold, there may be a leak. The leak will be going somewhere, and if it is inside of your home or near the surface, it will make a mark and a smell that you should be able to locate.
  5. If there are an increase in roaches, silverfish, and earworms around and inside of your home, it could be a sign that there is a leak since they love water.

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