The Water Pressure in My Beverly Park Shower is Too Strong, How Do I Get It Fixed?

At Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter, we service showers and other bathroom appliances in homes across Beverly Park in order to keep these systems operational and prevent water pressure fluctuation.


Water pressure changes can be baffling in a home, as sometimes the increased pressure can be constant, and other times it can fluctuate. This can range from mildly inconveniencing to downright uncomfortable in the shower.

This can sometimes happen in a gas fired heater due to thermal expansion. Limescale can form on the hottest parts of your water heater, creating water pockets within them that become superheated- well past the average heat in the rest of the water heater, and still be liquid instead of bubbling up due to the water heaters pressure. If the limescale cracks and releases the superheated water into the tank, the drop in pressure causes this water to instantly turn into steam which spikes the water pressure in the tank. Since the hot steam loses its heat quickly due to the surrounding water, the pressure will eventually drop back to normal. This is the case when most homeowners have a balding increase and decrease in water pressure in their homes.

Fixing this means calling a professional to listen to your water heater and inspect your pipes in case of a clog (which can lead to constant high-pressure) to find the root cause of your strong water pressure. New heaters may have to be installed or cleaned out, depending on how much limescale there is, and pipes will have to be unclogged. In both cases this can be fixed in a relatively short amount of time.


At Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter, we understand these issues and can give you a quick diagnosis of your water pressure problem and fix it quickly. Our team is here to help you overcome your plumbing problems and get your house back to tip top shape. With our experienced crew, your showers will go back to being luxurious in no time. Contact us at 818-405-8590 to find out how we can help you today.