Why DIY Hydro Jetting Is Risky

Sometimes, plungers and drain snakes can’t remedy clogged drains, and you’ll need a more powerful solution. This is where hydro jetting in Chatsworth, CA, comes in. It uses the force of high water pressure to remove tough clogs and restore flow in your pipes.

At Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter, we recommend this method because it’s safe, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. However, we discourage hydro jetting for DIY projects due to the following reasons:


Hydro jet requires setting the right water pressure level, depending on the severity of the clog and the condition of the pipes. Failure to regulate the water pressure properly can damage the pipes and worsen the problem. Hydro jetting tree roots, scale, and other debris are best left to the pros since they comply with industry standards and use the correct techniques to do the job.


You run the risk of getting injured if you mishandle the hydro jet. After all, it’s easy for the hose to recoil back and cause accidents due to excessive pressure. On the other hand, professionals have the skills and equipment to perform sewer jetting safely. They wear protective gear and isolate the work area to ensure no one gets hurt.


Many homeowners just blatantly blast pressurized water into the pipes, not realizing they may be already corroded. This results in a burst pipe, necessitating major and expensive repairs.

That is why in-depth inspections are a must before hydro jetting services. We use a specialized camera to locate and identify the cause of the clog and other issues, as well as examine the condition of your pipes. This way, we can take the best approach to tackle the problem while keeping your pipes unscathed.

Avoid putting yourself in harm’s way and leave pipe jetting to the pros at Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet & Rooter. With our years of experience, we have what it takes to do the job safely and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.