Canoga Park Pipes, Cast Iron, Orangeburg, Clay, and What To Know

There are several types of pipes used in sewer system installations, and in Canoga Park, these pipeline materials can be found quite often. At The Northridge Plumber, we install and service sewers regardless of the pipeline material, and our exposure to these systems allows us to approach each repair carefully. These pipeline materials, while still found in many homes and businesses, are often relined or replaced by our team due to the better pipeline materials that are available in the industry.

Cast Iron

Cast iron pipes can be commonly be found in older, more historic neighborhoods and are indicative of an outdated sewer system. Cast iron, while an incredibly strong type of pipeline material, is very difficult to cut through and is quite heavy, making installations somewhat challenging. Despite this, cast iron pipes are still seen as popular by contractors and are still installed today due to its non-flammable qualities and its durability that allows it to last for a long time.


Orangeburg pipes, also known as fiber conduit pipes, are made from ground up wood fibers that are bonded together with a water resistant adhesive before being dipped into a liquefied coal tar mixture. Orangeburg pipes are lightweight, making them easy to carry around and be cut with standard saws, however, these pipelines are particularly prone to frequent cave ins, calling their durability and efficiency into question.


Clay is an older pipeline material that is typically found in older homes and their sewer systems. While it is no longer commonly laid by contractors due to the fact that clay pipes can cave in easily or have tree roots attach to the outer surface of the pipes and cause problems, vitrified clay pipes are a somewhat better alternative. Vitrified clay pipes are heavy, hard to cut, and crafted with a coating that makes it resistant to chemicals, reinforcing its durability and preventing some of the major problems that plague traditional clay pipes.


There are two main types of plastic pipe, ABS and PVC. These pipes are generally lightweight and easy to work with. Their smooth interior surfaces make them great for carrying high volumes of wastewater, prevent waste buildup, and makes it difficult for tree roots to take root because of its jointless nature. Plastic pipes can be tied into other, older types of pipe material, making it an effective repair material if needed.

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