Four Reasons You Should Have a Professional Camera Inspection

When you recognize something is irregular with your plumbing system but you’re not sure where or what it is, a camera inspection is the best way to figure it out. A professional sewer camera inspection allows you to see inside your pipes so you can understand why the water pressure is inconsistent, drains release slowly, or the garbage disposal constantly smells like sewage.

Even if you don’t suspect that you have sewer line issues, your home can benefit from regular inspections. Here are the top four reasons to schedule a camera inspection with a professional plumber:

1. You’re buying a new home.

When you move into a new home, the last thing you need is an expensive repair to welcome you in. Having a professional camera inspection performed on the home you want to purchase will alert you to issues you can’t see during a home tour. Hire a professional plumber to inspect the sewage line to detect blockages, buildup, or invasive tree roots.

2. Your water bill skyrocketed.

A sudden increase in your water bill could suggest a leak in your pipes. If you’ve eliminated usage or rate hikes from the possible reasons behind a higher bill, a camera inspection will help you identify any leaks in your pipes.

3. Multiple drains stop working properly.

Every home will experience a clogged drain on occasion, but if multiple drains stop working simultaneously, you may have a bigger issue. When the tub, shower, and sink begin to drain slowly, the issue may be in the main a sewer line. A camera inspection will reveal the issue.

4. Extend the life of your plumbing system.

Most plumbing systems can last for 50 to 80 years. If you want your home to be on the latter end of that estimate, scheduling routine plumbing maintenance is crucial. A professional camera inspection every one to two years will make you aware of small issues before they become costly repairs in the futre.

A professional camera inspection shouldn’t be used only when there’s a problem. Whether you’re buying a new home or trying to extend the life of the one you’re in, routine plumbing inspections will help you stay ahead of any major issues.