Don’t Run Out of Hot Water During Winter Get a Tankless Water Heater!

Like many people, you most likely have a hot water tank. This means that water is regularly deposited and processed through this tank, creating water hot enough to wash dishes, clean laundry, and take showers with. However, do you often run into problems like low hot water or no hot water at all? During the winter, this goes from uncomfortable to panic-inducing. Don’t run out of hot water during winter- get a tankless water heater!


Not only can you experience smaller amounts of hot water, you can also experience problems such as low water pressure or difficulty using hot water when using a tank.

This isn’t a problem when you have a tankless heater! Your “normal” natural gas or propane water heater regularly uses about 17% of the energy you’re paying for in your home.

Even one that you bought recently is only 57-59% efficient because it loses heat through the flue and walls of the tank. If you haven’t bought a new water heater, older ones are an even bigger problem. They waste more than half the heat you need. Gas model tanks manufactured before 1988 typically operate at less than 50% efficiency. Even with electric water heaters, you’re losing big bucks. While you may think electric versions will save you money, most electric heating systems don’t cut your bills by much.


Switching to a high-efficiency model can save you lots of money in the long run- up to 50% saved! These high-efficiency tanks operate on the premise that you only use hot water when you need it. Doing dishes, laundry, or during showers and baths, the tankless will click on and provide you with hot water. Otherwise, it’s off! Thermal heat loss is almost completely eliminated. There’s no hot water storage and heat isn’t lost in the walls or through the tank.

Think about all the sediments and water minerals your tanks usually store. This can corrode, rust, or even scar your tanks. With tankless, this isn’t an issue. Since the water isn’t stored, tankless heaters generally handle hard minerals such as these better than conventional tanks. This makes leaking or rupture a smaller problem and keeps them efficient throughout their entire life. As such, they have longer warranties! They usually come in units about the size of a large briefcase. They save floor space in your condo, apartment, or studio. Space you pay for in rent!


Well, there are plenty of companies that can install or provide you with a tankless water heater. The first step of this process is finding a trustworthy plumbing company capable of removing your old water heater and replacing it fully with tankless. This process won’t take a long time- try to plan a short three day vacation or create a fun, relaxed environment for yourself. Change of any kind can be stressful, so take a day off!

However, if you’re in the Northridge, CA area, consider Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter. We offer removal and replacement services at a great cost, and offer estimates and assessments to tell you the value and savings from your tankless, and where exactly to place it. They can even install multiple units if you’re a building manager looking to install units in every apartment!