What Are the Stages Involved in Drain Repair in Northridge, CA?

There are many things that give homeowners and property developers a headache, among them is the drainage repair. Just like other items in your home, your drainage needs to be repaired. This is because it often breaks and needs a professional fixing. The drainage system is the most important system in your home since when it is not in good condition, it can easily affect your operations and can even cause health hazards. This article will help you know what are the stages involved in drain repair. Every homeowner and property developer should take advantage of this as it will help you increase the effectiveness of your drain.


When your drain stops working, the drain repair will help you handle the issue immediately as most of their services are available for 247.The knowledge of what stages are involved in drain repair will also help you to gather all the necessary requirements for the repair process. To handle the drain repair you need a company that will be able to investigate the root of the problem. The following are the stages involved in drain repair.

• Diagnosis; this forms the basis of the drain repair process. Before embarking on the repair process, you need to be sure of the points that need to be repaired. This could be clogged pipes and leaking pipes. This stage is important as the approach to the issue is different. The causes of either the clogged and leaking pipes must be solved for as long as you want to have a lasting solution. There are different ways through which the professionals use to diagnose the problem. This could be through video inspection or any other suitable method. This stage helps you determine the next step after you are sure of the repair needs.

• Unclogging; this is basically the next step as most of the drain blockage are caused by clogged pipes. The plumber should be able to use their equipment to remove the clog and other materials from the drain pipe. This could be through the high-pressure water jets or the drain augers. The causes of the clogs should also be investigated. If the causes require a more stable unclogging measure, such as the roots, then it should be noted and applied.

• Pipe cleaning; this is next possible stage if unclogging fails to meet your expectations.

Pipe cleaning will help you detect any leakage and do away with all the external materials. If you detect some leakages as you clean the pipe you can do a complete pipe replacement as the repair may only give you a short-term solution.

• Sewer repair; this could form the last stage of drain repair. If the drain repair and pipe replacement fail to work, there could be challenges with the sewer line. This stage is very demanding as it involves excavation of the pipes and trenches. However, it is the only way to go if you need a lasting solution.