Trenchless Technology Fixing a Sewer Line Without All the Digging

If you are having problems with your drains or main sewer pipe, then it is likely you have searched for drain repair services to resolve the issue. When doing so, you may have come across the term ‘trenchless technology’ on many occasions but you were unsure of what this meant. Here is an overview of what trenchless technology is and the benefits of opting for this method of drain repair.


Traditional methods of repairing drains and sewers can involve extensive digging to create trenches around the pipe to identify the problem and then complete, repairs, often by replacing whole sections of pipe. Trenchless technology differs greatly as there is no digging involved. A camera is inserted into the pipe to find the area that is causing complications. Rather than digging a trench to resolve the issues, pipe lining is inserted into the pipe. This only involves creating a few small holes and these are usually at either end of the pipe.


One of the main advantages of this type of sewer repair is that it is less destructive. If trenches are dug, it ruins your garden and driveway. When the work is completed, you must arrange for your garden or driveway repairing. This is more time, hassle and expense in addition to the repairs completed on your sewer pipe. As trenchless technology does not involve digging, there is very little destruction caused to the exterior of your property.


Trenchless technology is quicker and more cost effective than alternative methods of repairing sewer lines. Digging trenches is labor intensive and time-consuming. The amount of labor and time the job takes has a direct impact on the cost of the repairs. When you opt for a trenchless technology sewer repair, there is no digging so there is less labor required and the whole process is completed quickly and this is reflected in the lower price.


Having your sewer pipe repaired is potentially more hassle than you might have expected. You may have limited access to many outdoor areas of your home and there is likely to be disruption to your water, gas and electricity supply for the duration of the work. This can cause you a lot of inconvenience. Trenchless technology reduces the impact of these issues significantly. No digging means less disruption and as the work is completed quicker, the length of time in which you are inconvenienced is minimized.


Many people assume that once their sewer line is repaired, that is the end of their problems. However, just because one section of the line is repaired it does not necessarily mean you will not encounter problems in the future. However, opting for a sewer repair using trenchless technology can reduce the likelihood of further issues and can prevent some potential problems completely. The pipe lining is made from materials that do not crack or erode and they can also prevent tree root invasion.

Now that you know what trenchless technology is and the benefits of this type of trenchless sewer repair, it is something that you may want to consider if you encounter problems with your drains and sewers in the future.