Trenchless Sewer Repair and How It Works

That moment your heart skips a beat. And no, it is not  because of a delicious meal, a romantic interest, or winning the lottery. It is because you wake up in the morning and begin your usual morning routine.

Your alarm goes off and in a rare moment of clarity you do not hit the snooze. You check out your social medias and become engrossed in all the cat and food pictures. You make your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

Cue your heart skipping a beat.

Your sink never drained from the night before! Your night routine involves taking off your makeup, taking out your contacts, washing your face and brushing your teeth. All of these things involve the water from your sink but you never waste water and always turn the sink on and off as needed.

And yet, here you are in the morning with a sink half full of water. You must admit to yourself that it has been draining slowly lately but you figured that you’d get to it eventually. Now it is an issue that must be addressed immediately. You walk back to your bed and grab your phone and begrudgingly close out your Instagram app.

After some quick researching you discover a new method to repair sewer pipes: Trenchless Sewer Repair.

So what is it?

The keyword here is trenchless. This plumbing repair method allows workers to replace a sewer line without having to dig a large trench and/or uproot your home. The damage is minimized, the work crew is minimized, and the cost is minimized.

Before work can be done an inspection should be done to determine the true damage. This might involve a worker from a reputable plumbing business coming to your house and taking a look around and it could involve a camera. This small camera is snaked into the pipe via a drain in your home. This gives the plumber an idea of the extent of the damage.

After the initial inspection the sewer pipe has to be accessed from the shallowest point in order to complete the repair. The pipe from which the plumber has access is then flushed out with hydro-jetter and any remaining debris is cleared out with a mechanical plumbing snake.

Once the sewer line is clear and free of debris, the new pipe lining is inserted into the sewer and left to cure. This is called a CIPP (cured-in-pipe place). It is made from a resin that hardens and essentially replaces the old, damaged sewer line.

This is no longer an arduous task. If you live in the Northridge area and woke up to water in your sink you can call Roberts Plumbing to schedule your assessment today. The Northridge Plumbers are friendly, honest and always on call. Trenchless sewer repair done by plumbers who get the job done right, meets local codes, and tries to save you the most money possible.