Water Heater Installation from the Experts

Water heater installation is one of the most common plumbing services. This can be a very risky project for people who are not properly trained.

First, you are dealing with your water supply. You can easily be left dealing with a flood if either lines to or from the water heater are not sealed properly. This can be costly to repair not to mention dangerous due to the development of mold.

More dangerous than the water line is the gas line. When you install a water heater you also have to connect it to the gas line. This is especially dangerous even with as little as a pin leak. These leaks create a serious fire hazard as well as toxic gas hazard No matter how you slice it, it is not good.

The next most important consideration when installing a new water heater is proper venting. Gas water heaters need input flow, allowing air in for the warming fire to burn. The gas burns, producing toxic fumes. Improper venting is part of what leads to carbon monoxide issues.

The team at Roberts Plumbing Hydro Jet and Rooter has been serving Northridge, CA and the greater Los Angeles area for over 25 years. This means our team is properly trained and experienced in safe and effective water heater installation, service and replacement.


In addition to installing water heaters, Roberts Plumbing Hyrdo Jet and Rooter also offers a number of other water heater services.


After installation, you will need to maintain and repair your hot water heater. Most of the time there is not much you need to worry about with your water heater. However, occasionally you may notice some things that require your attention. These include:

  • No hot water
  • Inadequate hot water
  • Foul smelling water
  • Dark colored water
  • Strange noises

If you experience any of these, call the Roberts Plumbing team to schedule your water heater repair in Northridge, CA.


Water heaters typically last anywhere from eight to ten years. This may vary depending on how well you maintain the appliance and the composition of your water. If your water has a lot of minerals, especially iron and rust, your tank may not last as long.

When it is time to consider a replacement, call the team at Roberts Plumbing Hyrdo Jet and Rooter. Our team will work to ensure you have hot enough water, and with enough supply to meet your needs.

Depending on your situation, looking at a tankless system may be a benefit. These are generally much more energy efficient than conventional tank-style water heaters. They install at the point of service, whether that is a sink, shower, kitchen or laundry room. Rather than heating an entire tank of water and maintaining the temperature, they heat water as it is needed

They also are less prone to wear due to heavy minerals in your water supply. This means they last longer than their conventional counterparts.


Whether you need help with a water heater or are having drain or water supply problems, Roberts will help you keep flowing. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today.